View Full Version : Long post about problems in the games I wish were changed

08-16-2017, 02:31 PM
This post is geared more toward ubisoft than other players. I honestly love a lot of the stuff they're doing and I absolutely adore highlander but there are just certain things that make the game ridiculous and make me want to stop playing. The defensive meta is still around and still just as good as always. If you just play reactionary and don't throw out anything but safe attacks(I'll get to that) most characters can't do a damn thing about it. Especially as a slower character or a shorter range one, you just don't have a shot vs turtling assassins or anyone with a decent dodge. Most characters can't actually punish out of stam people and the ones that can are almost always the best. Out of stamina people should be insanely slow and almost unmoving. but still be able to parry for guessing games. It should also last longer. Chip damage on some attacks should be higher, depending on how slow it is and how safe to dodge it is. If you miss a big unblockable attack, you should be punished for it, but characters like nobushi, lawbringer, and warden are either safe or have guessing games after they miss an unblock able and that's just absurd, especially when you consider they either loop back into a 50/50, have hyper armor, or get insane damage off with their attacks. Warden needs something done with him, I mean it's been 6 months and a character with a safe unblockable vortex that is just a pure guessing game is still in the game? If this were a big fighting game like sf or mk or tekken, the character would have been nerfed within 2 weeks. But this games patching is just so painfully slow, and it's problems that are so simple to fix. Flicker bug, unlock tech, and other bugs have easy solutions but take half a year to patch and it's just unacceptable. Same goes for nerfs and buffs of characters, I mean shugoki and berserker have been in the toilet forever and warden and warlord have been the king of the castle forever but either get the lightest of touches or nothing at all done to them. Gladiator is neat but I think his zone and his toe poke just need a bit of a nerf, just a little tracking on his toe poke and maybe a frame or two slower on both with zone easier to punish, like not being cancellable. Cent shouldn't be so auto play with such a super high damage for 1 parry near a wall. Dodging should be a bit easier to punish, especially on assassins and ESPECIALLY on shinobi, it's fine he has a good one but he's just so hard to hit with such high damage. Raider cheese, obviously. I also think it takes a bit too long to level up, starting a character from level 0 and getting him to rep 7 takes so insanely long unless you have orders all the time. If these things happen I think the game would be in such a better shape and you could actually have tournaments based around skill that you could be proud of.

08-16-2017, 02:34 PM
I would also personally love character to have more tools, like orochi has only top light and zone, conq has just turtling and shield bash, but that might just be me. Sorry for such a big post but it's kind of necessary.