View Full Version : lack of tanks

08-14-2017, 11:57 PM
who do you guys use for tanks? cowboy cartman is what i stick to his special is so good. i hate the fact that the monk version doesnt attack and barbrady costs way to much to cast.

11-09-2017, 05:45 AM
dont even use a tank in my deck
closest i would have to a tank is program stan, which just entered my deck recently since i finally obtained the card

11-12-2017, 01:00 AM
1200 health 60 damage. Unstoppable and amazing. Especially at pvp level 15!

11-28-2017, 12:36 AM

The Monk version is meant for distraction, not for attack. The tanks like MBP or the Cartman characters are all good, but the Mystical Cartman is preferred because it only takes 3 energy to cast and it's good for distracting things attacking your avatar. It's a true lifesaver for some of your characters sometimes. Plus, Mystical Cartman is high in HP so it's meant to be a TANK, for what it's called.

In other words, I think Zen Cartman is a really good tank.

Oh, and the Randys, Tokens, and Marcus are really good fighter-tanks.


12-13-2017, 11:51 AM
I sometimes use high tempo shock decks w/o tanks: jimmy, dogpoo, stan and especially tokens are great replacements for tanks in small skirmishes.

Apart from sometimes pushing enemies toward your new kid pc principal is a great tank.

12-13-2017, 11:01 PM
Barbrady is pretty useful once you've got him upgraded. Yeah he costs a lot of energy, but he's fast for a tank and has decent attack strength. If you can just get him within range of the leader he'll sap half a bar when he explodes, and even if he can't attack the leader directly he'll act as a great unit magnet while you send others in. Sometimes I'll go a whole fight without using him because you can't always use 6 energy in one go, but when you can deploy him strategically he's a gamechanger.

12-13-2017, 11:06 PM
You'll find he's not so great at higher ranks. Distract him with a tank or a strong fighter then hit him with an assassin or rats and he falls quick

01-02-2018, 09:33 PM
I got lucky and got MBP early and he carried me from ranks 10-20 but after that I was pretty stuck. At the rank I am now (about to hit 40, been flying through the 30s) I like seeing people summon MBP because my deck counters him pretty hard as it is (no tanks, mostly 3 drop or 2 drop fighters/assassins).