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08-14-2017, 03:25 PM
Hey everyone!

Obviously the video games tend to get the majority of the attention in this series (and rightly so) while comics and books fill out some of the MD stuff, but there's one aspect of Assassins Creed that I think really doesn't get the attention it deserves- tabletop gaming!

There aren't a ton of tabletop games for the series (yet) but I think that there's a lot of potential for more.

As a bit of a tabletop guru myself, I thought it might be interesting to compile a thread of all of the opportunities with board games that the series has provided so far.

As of now we have:

A series version of Monopoly (https://www.amazon.com/Assassins-Creed-Winning-Moves-Monopoly/dp/B00PTAGCDK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1502719539&sr=8-1&keywords=monopoly+assassins+creed).

Essentially your typical Monopoly rebrand, but it has some really cool looking pewter minis of some of our favorite characters!
https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwivw5CV89bVAhUn4YMKHQJQAIwQjRwIBw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.milsims.com.au%2Fnode%2F13314 4&psig=AFQjCNHxOX3BSWBmSj0m8kHGhed4-RBjEQ&ust=1502806030758348


A Syndicate version of Monopoly (https://www.amazon.com/Monopoly-assassins-Creed-Syndicate-Board-Game/dp/B011L3J2NU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1502719539&sr=8-2&keywords=monopoly+assassins+creed)

Haven't played this one yet, and couldn't find a lot of info on it. Doesn't look like there's a ton of surprises here, and the minis have more of a London/Syndicate theme. Personally, if you were going to get an AC Monopoly game, I'd probably just get the series one, but that's just my opinion.

Assassins Creed: Arena (https://www.amazon.com/Cryptozoic-Entertainment-JUL132298-Assassins-Creed/dp/1617683191/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1502720003&sr=8-1&keywords=assassins+creed+arena)

From Cryptozoic games, this entry sees 2-4 players taking the role of Templars in an Animus simulation, circa Revelations-era Istanbul. The gameplay's use of cards for Movement, Attack, Special Actions, and Health means that you have to carefully plan each move accordingly. Kind of a neat little game, in that it mostly features assassination and looting of NPCs, but also has a system for PVP if you want to backstab your opponents. Always watch your back during this game.


Assassins Creed Revolution (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/229508/assassins-creed-revolution)
I really couldn't find much about this game. I have a feeling it died in development. From what I can glean, it was intended to be a card game. A description of a turn on the BGG website reads:

A card game based on the Assassins Creed Video Game Series, specifically the third instalment.

Players share a common deck comprising 13 cards (numbered 1-13) in 8 suits (Assassin, Character, Enemy, Income, Location, Manoeuvre, Mission, Weapon).

Players take Turns with each turn comprising 4 phases

Draw Phase
Draw 2 cards.
Action Phase
Discard 1 card to trigger its special ability according to its suit.
Assassin = Draw 2 cards.
Character = Steal 1 random card from opponent.
Income = Look at opponent’s hand. Trade 1 card with him.
Enemy = Opponent must discard a random card.
Location = Discard your hand and draw 7 cards.
Mission = Look at next 7 cards in deck. Put one in your hand.
Manoeuvre = Search discard for 1 card and put it in your hand.
Weapon = Opponent (his choice) must give you a card or discard 2 cards.
Combo Phase
Make one or more combos. For each combo you make draw 1 card. There are 4 types of combos:
Flush (4 cards of the same suite)
Straight (4 or more cards of different suits forming a straight as in Poker)
Fighting Combo: 1 each of: Assassin, Enemy, Weapon, and Manoeuvre
Journey Combo: 1 each of: Location, Mission, Character, and Income
End Phase
Max hand is 9 cards. Discard excess cards.
The winner is the first player to make 7 card combos.

Anyone have more info on this game?

Finally, there's the rumored Assassins Creed: Vendetta (https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B073MDN9CY/)

Right now, all we have to go off of is a description on Amazon France:

With Assassin's CreedŽ: Vendetta , play an Assassin or Templar, unmask your opponents and hit at the right time.

Since the dawn of time, the Brotherhood of the Assassins and the Order of the Templars have waged a merciless war to impose their vision for the future of Humanity. With the Assassin's CreedŽ: Vendetta killer game , relive this age-old confrontation as an Assassin or a Templar and do everything possible to eliminate members of the opposing faction. Using your Power of Eagle Vision and your Item, you will need to be tricky and use stratagems to fulfill your elimination conditions and thus achieve victory.

Defeat your enemies with discretion,

Or act in the middle of the crowd ... From 6 to 12 players.

A word from the editor:

Assassin's CreedŽ: Vendetta is developed in parallel with other activities, for example during an evening or during a work week. It allows to relive the tension so representative of Ubisoft 's successful games where death can strike at every moment of the day and where it is necessary to proceed with calculation and intelligence to eliminate its targets.

Set for an apparent October 18 release, Assassins Creed Vendetta seems like it's set to be a hidden role game in the same vein as The Resistance (https://www.amazon.com/The-Resistance-Dystopian-Universe/dp/B008A2BA8G/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1502720491&sr=8-2&keywords=the+resistance). What sets it apart, though (other than the obviously cool AC theme) is the fact that it is apparently played in tandem with other activities. Sounds almost like a home version of the college campus "Assassins" game that has gotten popular lately. I'm really looking forward to getting more information on this, if this rumor does pan out.

That's about it so far. There's also the Assassins Creed Heroclix collectibles (https://www.amazon.com/Heroclix-Assassins-Creed-Revelations-Figures/dp/B00B4HJ6K8/ref=sr_1_19?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1502720238&sr=1-19&keywords=assassins+creed+card+game), too, if you're into that.

Overall, Assassins Creed has a lot of potential in tabletop games, and I think there's some pretty cool stuff out there so far. If I might be so bold, I'd totally advice giving both versions of Monopoly a hard pass in favor of trying out a less familiar but ultimately more interesting game.

Anyway, anyone here ever give one of these games a try? I'd love to hear what you thought about them!

08-14-2017, 06:29 PM
I love this. I wonder if anyone thought of an Assassin's Creed version of Cluedo (Clue in the USA)

Instead of rooms there could be locations and instead of Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet... we'd have AC people and ac weapons... also there could be versions for each game....

i.e. Clue Syndicate version... I guess Henry Green killed him in the Thames with the Voltaic Bomb :)

Or a Revelations version.... I guess Niccolo Polo did it with the hookblade in Cappadocia ;)

08-14-2017, 07:39 PM
I love this. I wonder if anyone thought of an Assassin's Creed version of Cluedo (Clue in the USA)

Instead of rooms there could be locations and instead of Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet... we'd have AC people and ac weapons... also there could be versions for each game....

i.e. Clue Syndicate version... I guess Henry Green killed him in the Thames with the Voltaic Bomb :)

Or a Revelations version.... I guess Niccolo Polo did it with the hookblade in Cappadocia ;)

Ooh, I like that idea! Perhaps it could be based off the murder mysteries in Unity and Syndicate?
Clue has actually had some pretty surprisingly imaginative new versions lately, with their Star Wars (https://www.amazon.com/Clue-Game-Star-Wars-Edition/dp/B01HH0NSW2/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1502735884&sr=1-1&keywords=clue+star+wars)and Game of Thrones (https://www.amazon.com/CLUE-Game-Thrones-Board/dp/B01F00U4VY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1502735866&sr=8-1&keywords=clue+got) versions being standouts.

One other ideas I had for a game was something based off of last year's wildly popular (at least, in the gaming community) Star Wars Rebellion (https://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Rebellion-Board-Game/dp/B017MLIGP0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1502735539&sr=8-1&keywords=star+wars+rebellion), one of my favorite games of the year.

It could be a two player game that spans the entire globe, where a Templar player moves around his armies across the world while the Assassins try to keep the location of their Brotherhood secret. Ideally, I'd set it during the 1770s era, and feature leaders on both sides like Connor, Aveline, Shay, and Haytham. Add in Rebellion's mission element, and we could see these leaders interacting with each other in really unique ways, while the Templar armies clashed with the smaller Assassin forces. Dude, I would pay so much for that game!

08-15-2017, 12:45 AM
You do the game, I'll do the box ;)

https://preview.ibb.co/ehpvnF/ATrebel.jpg (https://ibb.co/fN7Ruv)

08-15-2017, 02:38 PM
You do the game, I'll do the box ;)

https://preview.ibb.co/ehpvnF/ATrebel.jpg (https://ibb.co/fN7Ruv)

Holy crap, that looks tempting.

I've actually mocked up a somewhat thorough prototype in my head, and I'm pretty excited for it. I'm pretty busy this morning, but I'll get around to posting it either later today or tomorrow.

08-15-2017, 07:32 PM
Okay, so here's my idea:

For a board, use something similar to Eldritch Horror or Pandemic, in that it would be a map of the world with various cities on it. I'd probably want more cities than Eldritch Horror, though.

Cities could include locations from the games (New York, Jerusalem, Venice, Paris) as well as other cities (Singapore, Quebec, Beijing). Some cities would also have Temples connected to them- for instance, Jerusalem would have the Temple of Solomon, while New York might have the Central Vault. Additionally, some spaces will be empty and marked as Wilderness Spaces- for instance, a Wilderness space might be on the west coast of the USA- this allows for more movement across the globe, and also allows for City tokens (such as San Fransicso) to be placed in future expansions if they're released. Also, cities are grouped into regions- such as North America, Western Europe, the Pacific, etc.

Just to get an idea, the board might vaguely look like this (but again, with more of an emphasis on cities and temples)

The point of the game will be to "control" a certain amount of cities. You do this by reaching a certain level of Influence in a city. Influence represents the amount of sway a faction has in a city, due to the amount of agents in it, the connections that have been made, and other factors. For instance, to control Paris one might need to earn at least 15 pts of Influence, and reduce their opponents influence to below 10. I would suggest using cubes, like the colored cubes from games like Pandemic, to track Influence in each city- red for Templars, white for Assassins, and green for the populace:

When scoring a city, you earn the amount of points that the city's populace has to offer- this represents how important a city is. So, let's say a Templar currently has full Influence in Paris, and the population is 15. That's 15 points that the Templar has. Of course, the Assassins can either sabortage the city to lower its importance (and the points the Templar has) or it can try to pry the city away from Templar control and steal the points for themselves.

Also, by using cubes instead of minis (like mini soldiers or canons) we significantly reduce the production cost of the game. Minis are crazy expensive, even low quality ones like in Risk (and we wouldn't want low quality, anyway). Plus, I think the idea of "Influence" as a broad concept (that does include military power) better represents the action of the AC games than large troop movement does.

Anyway, here's what I imagine a turn structure could look like:
Scheming Phase: Secretely assign each leader to either the leader reserve or to a mission. Up to four leaders can be assigned to the same mission card.

Action Phase: In alternating order, reveal and resolve Mission cards and Leader orders

Upkeep Phase- Reset various end of turn effects. Draw new mission cards. Return leaders on the board or spent to the leader pool.

Each turn will represent a period of time between 2 and 5 years. So, for instance, Turn One might actually be called 1757-1760. There will be three "eras" that the game progresses through:

I. 1757- 1772
II. 1773- 1788
III. 1789- 1800

Missions drawn and heroes available will be drawn from one of three decks on each side- (Templar I, Templar II, Templar III) for example. This way, Assassins become available in a way that is somewhat reasonable (for instance, no Arno in the 1760s) and missions are tailored more to the needs of early vs late game strategies. Also, this allows for unique era specific missions (such as The French Revolution, or The Boston Massacre), aside from the more generic missions (like Explore Region or Assassinate!)

Leaders will be tokens that have the leader's picture on it, as well as their skill icons. They'll look like this:


Skills will be:
Combat- for missions requiring skill in combat
Stealth- for assassinations and missions requiring a more stealthy approach
Subterfuge- for missions require diplomacy, and political manipulation
Naval- for combat and movement at sea.

So, for instance, Connor might be a strong combat character, so if a mission requires a combat check, he'd be a good leader to assign to it. On the otherhand, Germain might be better at political machinations and Subterfuge, so you'd want to send him on missions that require that skill.

Speaking of which, here's my prototype list of leaders so far:

Achilles (Starting Leader)
Adewale (Starting Leader)
Hope Jensen (Starting Leader)
Charles Dorian (Starting Leader
Kesegowaase (Era I Leader)
Liam O'Brien (Era 1 Leader)
Chevalier (Era 1 Leader)
Aveline de GrandPre (Era 1 Leader)
Agate (Era 1 Leader)
Connor (Era 2 Leader)
Stehpane Chapeau (Era 2 Leader)
Robert Faulkner(Era 2 Leader)
Deborah Carter (Era 2 Leader)
Jacob Zenger (Era 2 Leader)
Arno Dorian (Era 3 Leader)
Elise de La Serre (Era 3 Leader)
Pierre Bellec (Era 3 Leader)
Dutty Boukman (Era 3 Leader)
Eseosa (Era 3 Leader

Reginald Birch (Starting Leader)
Haytham Kenway (Starting Leader)
Madeleine de L'Isle (Starting Leader)
Baptiste (Starting Leader)
Jack Weeks (era 1 Leader)
Shay Cormac (Era 1 Leader)
Diego Vasquez (Era 1 Leader)
Carlos Dominguez (Era 1 Leader)
de Ferer (Era 1 Leader)
Charles Lee (Era 2 Leader)
Benjamin Church (Era 2 Leader)
John Pitcarin (Era 2 Leader)
Nicholas Biddle (Era 2 Leader)
Thomas Hickey (Era 2 Leader)
Germain (Era 3 Leader)
la Touche (Era 3 Leader)
Peter Carrol (era 3 Leader)
Marie Levasque (Era 3 Leader)
Charles Sivert (Era 3 Leader)

Leaders can do 3 things each turn- they can:
1) attempt a mission with up to 3 other leader
2) attempt to block an enemy mission with up to 3 other leaders
3) Enter "high profile" mode to perform actions that do not require missions (this is a reliable way to get things done, but it's a little slower than missions and leaves one open to assassinations

To perform a mission, the leaders assigned to it must roll a number of dice according to their skill level with the skill associated with the mission. So, if Faulkner has a 3 naval skill and the mission requires successes of 1 Naval, he'd roll 3 dice and hope for 1 success.

If a leader is spent to block a mission, they enter the city where the mission is being held and roll the number of dice for their own skill relevany to the mission. Count all of their successes as negative successes for the mission.

The winner of the mission fulfills their goal (or blocks the goal) and returns to the leader pool, spent until the next round. The loser remains in the city, vulnerable to Assassination, and does not return to the leaderpool until the Upkeep phase. All mission cards state that if a mission is successful, the hero is returned to the pool, with some exceptions.

Just a few examples

Inspire Revolution- Attempt in any regions that contains cubes of your color. If successful, place one Red mission token in a city in this region. At the start of each turn, add one Influence cube to each city in that region as long as the mission token is in play. If the mission cube is removed, discard this card.

which could be countered by a Templar card:

Quell Riots- Attempt in a city that contains a Red mission token. If successful, remove that token.

Other cards could read like:

Recruit Disciples: Draw one leader from a deck from any current or passed time period. Put that leader into your leader pool.


Assassinate!: Attempt against a leader currently in a city. If successful, eliminate that leader from the game.

Of course, missions would also allow for the movement, addition, and elimination of Influence cubes.
They could be generic:

Pay Town Crier: Attempt in any city. If successful, add two influence cubes to this city.

or they could be based on historical events

Siege of Quebec: Attempt on Quebec. If successful, remove all enemy Influence cubes from the city. Discard half of them, and send the rest to any adjacent space.

Finally, if a leader decides to go into High Profile mode, they are placed in a city. Then, once in a city, they can do one of these actions per turn:

1. Hire- Increase city's friendly Influence by 5.
2. Liberate- Decrease City's enemy influence by 5.
3. Move- Move to an adjacent space, taking any friendly influence in the city with them.
4. Return to the Bureau- Place leader back in leader pool, spent.

Finally, if a player has controlling Influence in a city, and that city has a Temple, they can start sending influence points into it to search for Pieces of Eden. Once a temple has 10 influence,, they can attempt a mission to retrieve the POE- if successful, they can draw a powerful artifact from the POE deck- one example might be:

Apple of Eden: Discard to remove all enemy Influence from a city. Replace that many cubes with influence cubes of your own.

TLDR: It's a pretty rough outline of a game right now, and it may have a little more technical descriptions than many users can really do much with, but man I'd love to make this game. Basically, it would be very much in the spirit of Assassins Creed, but a reimagining of events. For instance, game might culminate with Bellec and Adewale facing off against Haytham and Madeleine de L'Isle at the Temple of Juno, fighting over the Koh-i-noor. Really, countless amazing possibilities, the game allows for Assassins Creed narratives to flower from characters we already love.

08-15-2017, 10:04 PM
I like the fact that influence can be removed, it keeps the game flowing and players defensive and attacking at the same time :) If AC had included this instead of sending recruits to cities... that would have been amazing. I know AC has put mini games into games but this would be a multiplayer mini game in game and if not.... it would definitely be a great board game. It would appeal to all the people who love strategy games AND AC fans.

https://preview.ibb.co/m6pwUv/Av_T_rebellion.jpg (https://ibb.co/cUqQNF)


I just read it again and it gets better ... I cannot think why Ubi has not done this already. They have branched out in many ways, AC is a huge franchise, with games, movies, collectables, clothing and comics etc... A board game is the perfect gift for any AC fan. And this is an excellent idea... I know you said it is only rough but to me it looks as though it is just a case of printing the cards, finalising the rules and making the game.

08-15-2017, 10:43 PM
I just read it again and it gets better ... I cannot think why Ubi has not done this already. They have branched out in many ways, AC is a huge franchise, with games, movies, collectables, clothing and comics etc... A board game is the perfect gift for any AC fan. And this is an excellent idea... I know you said it is only rough but to me it looks as though it is just a case of printing the cards, finalising the rules and making the game.

Haha, thanks! Well, even if that was the case, there's be plenty of playtesting before this thing was close to ready, and it's an idea that actually younger than this thread (trust me, this thread wasn't started as a way to pitch this idea at all!). But I agree, it does seem like it could be a blast to play. I think it has great scope, which is one of the strengths of the series' potential, though one that isn't always taken advantage of.

I like the fact that influence can be removed, it keeps the game flowing and players defensive and attacking at the same time

Yeah, that's part of the reason why I decided to go with Influence instead of traditional mins. This way, you have the pieces on the board, but they don't necessarily fight each other in a traditional fashion. In fact, it should be fairly common for a city to contain both Templar and Assassin influence- of course, those cities are bound to become more and more valuable as the rivalry continues.

And wow! Those Leader tokens look great! In the final game I'd probably make them look a little less Rebellion-y, but I love it so far! Even the little skill icons have been altered, that's a fantastic touch! Out of curiosity, have you already played Rebellion? Seems like, just judging off of what you've posted here, you seem familiar enough with it.

Also, do you mind if I tweet this out with the photo you made of the box? I have some tabletop followers on Twitter who might be interested in seeing this. Also, I can tag you if you'd like! ;)

08-15-2017, 11:03 PM
I sent you a few PM's

08-16-2017, 03:08 PM
Oh, also just a bit of news!

GenCon 2017 (basically E3 for board games) starts tomorrow, so there's a slight possibility that we'll get news on Vendetta this week. If I had to guess, I'd say Cryptozoic probably still has the rights for Assassins Creed tabletop games, unfortunately (their games tend to be really hit or miss, with an emphasis on miss). I'm having some trouble finding out when their press conference is, but they're clearly going to have a presence at GenCon (https://www.cryptozoic.com/articles/cryptozoic-will-demo-games-and-conduct-tournaments-gen-con-2017).

From their website:

In addition, there will be some surprise demos of games that have never before been shown in public...

Cryptozoic will be demoing and selling several upcoming games for the first time anywhere in limited, pre-release quantities.

Again, no guarantee Vendetta will be included in this (as there's not even a guarantee Cryptozoic is even involved still (and we can hope they're not), but it's likely that whoever is working on Vendetta will premier the game this week, assuming it's still in production. And if Vendetta really is an "Assassin"-style game that can be played in tandem with other games, what better place to put it into motion than a crowded convention center? "Hide in plain sight", after all...

09-11-2017, 04:39 PM
Minor update- the amazon page for Vendetta has some box art now. Maybe this one might get a release!

Looks like the game does include some physical components (cards) so it at least won't be entirely app based, though the back of the box also does show a phone.


09-17-2018, 02:32 PM
Exciting news of a new upcoming Assassins Creed board game (https://twitter.com/AymarMtl/status/1041671963788242944)!

edit: If any fans in Germany are planning on attending Spiel this October, you could potentially help demo the game (https://twitter.com/CreedVenice/status/1045289228312215552)!