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08-14-2017, 05:42 AM
Since I don't know how to contact Ubisoft directly, and the fact that I would rather say this publicly because people should, Ive decided to post this here.
I hope Ubisoft see's this, but lets not beat around the bush and get straight to the point.
For Honor is the best game of 2017.
Before you get extremely hostile, yes this is in my opinion, but there's meaning behind it.
First of all, i agree with alot of people, this game needs ALOT of fixing. Mainly the characters, there are unbalanced characters that definitely need balancing. I won't call out the characters here.
Also the toxic community, though i have zero room to talk. Anyone who has seen me in For Honor knows that i am extremely salty, and VERY edgy.
I'm learning to control my saltiness, but that edge is not going away, i love to be edgy.
Anyways, i absolutely love this game. Medieval fighting is the best, and this game hits the top of the list. When i first joined the game in the beta the first thing that really caught my attention and made me go crazy was when i found out you could block attacks by moving your weapon in the desired direction. I know thats a pretty "basic" feature but its so fun to block attacks at will without any kind of special input! But onto more special elements:
The Characters.
Ubisoft has done an AMAZING job making these characters, these heroes. There's a hero for everyone, whatever your playstyle is, its there. Whether you want to be covered in a suit of heavy armor, or you have a bloodlust to kill, or you watch too much anime (im kidding because the samurai are my 2nd favorite faction) this game will not fail to dissapoint you. My favorite factions in order from greatest to least are the knights, samurai, and vikings, but im pretty damn excited about the new highlander hero coming out, with that heavy Claymore. You'll have alot of fun leveling up your heroes and getting all KINDS of carefully designed armor and weapons that are down-to-the-last-detail specific, allowing you to make your hero look just the way you want them to. I could really go on and on but I dont want to waste time, so moving on
Gameplay and Graphics.
Short sweet and simple, this game has amazing graphics, awesome maps, animations, everything.
Ubisoft did a great job putting all of this together.
I didn't really think all this through before jumping in and typing this so ill move on to the last point.
My final notes on Ubisoft and For Honor:
I never really took heed of Ubisoft until i got this game, because i was never really focused on who MADE the game and more about how good the game ITSELF was. Getting this game was the first time i actually payed attention to Ubisoft. I know players complain about this game saying "This game is so terrible im leaving, theres so much stuff Ubisoft just wont fix like dedicated servers and the characters and this and that needs to be nerfed asap" but honestly, and i know it doesn't mean much coming from just one player, but this game is amazing
I'll occasionally post here about the game, mainly the characters and how they should be balanced -not downright NERFED or BUFFED, but BALANCED (theres a difference!)- in order to make the game better and it makes me feel good whenever a community representative comes down and actually replies to my posts and tells me their thoughts on it.
I understand the developers are working hard on trying to make this game great. Look at what they're about to do for season 3, you cant say they're NOT trying. Look at the amazing game they gave us, truly a masterpiece and one id definitely say is the best game of 2017.
Im looking foward to the new content ubisoft is bringing us in season 3.
Anyways enough ranting and rambling, the bottom line being this game is great
Good job Ubisoft, keep up the great work and amazing game 10/10! :D
Will edit from this point down if i have any further notes.

08-14-2017, 05:43 AM
Oh further note, i'm not sure if im able to edit the post.

08-14-2017, 06:01 AM
Good post, i agree fully, and coming from rainbow its clear when there are a lot of heroes/operators its never going to be fully balanced, but i hate this game, and i also love it and have played it since alpha, beta and release, its just a general enjoyable game, until i get smashed by cheaters and i headbutt the wall numerous times (joke.... i use my fist not my head). Its an amazing concept, my favourite sorta time period of playable heroes, and customisation is very good. I will continue to play, i just hope it continues to grow and i am seeing more new players to the game on ps4 (before free event) so thats a good sign.