View Full Version : Unlock tech & the future of FOR HONOR

08-14-2017, 05:35 AM
Greetings everyone. Now that it's out in the open, Am sure everyone who watched the live stream has seen how unfair it is to use unlock tech and how serious is the defensive meta is. as well as how cleary some heros are badly affected by the nerf they recived while other heros greatly benefited from the buffs they recived. this is not new news. just common knowledge to those who understood this early on. my concern is will this be new road for honor will take or is it the plan from the begining ?
Am talking about ( centurion, gladiator, highlander and shinobi) those heros are clearly on a different level from the 12 first heros. so why not refresh the old heros to be on a level to compete with the last four or atleast delete them if you are not planing to buff them. AS usual a part of the community will say GIT GUD and wait untill we face the new heros and learn their tool kit first before we judge. but we already did that and look at shinobi now. was nerfed badly and ceturion is the king now until the new heros arrive. i dont want a buff that will make my hero a god. just on par so i can take my chance at fighting with more than 2 or 3 moves while my opponent dances around me with various move and countes. yes sometimes we win. but its due to the fact that i outplayed him. not because my hero is better. far from it. season 3 live stream was a perfect example of everything wrong in for honor and is still allowed for whatever reason. its funny that we only saw (warden. orochi, pk, centurion, raider, warlord, shugoki, nobushi) thats 8 heros from 14. strange right?
if the dev team says every hero should be working as intended then why have we only saw 8 heros out of 14 ? on another note i dont blame the players who exploited the unlock tech for one reason only, thats because their hero isnt designed for combat unlike other heros. so this migt be the time for devs to stop looking at the data and start looking at what can be done to every underdog heroout there.
before you flame me or anything i ask you to take a moment and analys everything that has happend since launch until today and if you still havent realized whats going on in for honor then i cannot make you understand.