View Full Version : Leaver Penalty and still no 4vs4 without gear/stats + beaten horse

08-14-2017, 04:29 AM
And you wonder why this game still will not turn around no matter how many new seasons come out, with new overpowered characters.

Yeah, FYI, I joined in on the xbox free weekend (I actually own the PC version w/ season pass all bought on release, woe me I know) join a 4vs4 Dom, d edicded I did not like playing with 6 AI's and got greet with a 10 minute penalty,.

I haven't played this game in months, was it really that bad this BS had to be added to game modes that aren't ranked?

Also, If who ever is in charge of what features/modes should be added, should be fired. Yeah, that's hot-headed, but I can tell you right now, this game woul;d have had way more sustainability if it had the 4VS4 without Gear mode added originally or added soon after.

In-fact, I believe for a fact the Devs believe GEAR was a mistake.

Here's a tip for For Honor 2, which I will actually check out because I honestly enjoyed what the core game is, sad that it is,

Git rid of stats on Gear, only cosmetics, keep stats for weapons only, but add more diversity to them.

Boom, those 4vs4 modes and actually fun for casual players who wouldn't mind hopping on with a level 1 knowing full well no matter how little they play, they can enjoy the chaotic nature of the bigger player modes and not worry about other factors, other than their own skill.

And maybe match-making would have worked better had the player-base grown with the game, but better off with just no gear stats all together. I think most would agree. Matchmaking always should be a last resort when used to overcome design decisions of the base game.

And before it's said, the majority of the player-base, or lack thereof, enjoy bigger player modes, than MLG wannabe 1vs1 or 2vs2. People want fun, and that would have been 4vs4 or 6vs6 without stats or (though read, I disagree with this, yet I know it has a large impact) player prestige numbers. You only have to look at Titanfall 1 and to an extent, 2 the impact it had on players mental game as a new player walking into lobbies with gen 10s etc. It's just determinant to the player-base,especially when stats are involved in way of gear.

Thanks, and maybe i'll see you around for For Honor 2