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08-13-2017, 11:58 PM
I finally got my first win with conq. I'm 1 for 4 now, I believe. Do you have guys have any pro tips for new conq players? I mostly mean in 1v1 duels. Like is there any point to his charged heavy? It seems like players just wait for the parry. Does he have any mixups? Only one I've found so far is canceling his charged heavy>full block>shield bash. Thanks in advance.

08-14-2017, 12:11 AM
1) charged heavy is best used either in an all block feint or to punish someone when you throw them down in OOS.

2) conq has several mix ups around his full block to which I will refer to in the list as FBF:
light> FBF> light
light> FBF> FBF> light
light> FBF> side dodge bash> light
light> FBF> dodge into an attack> light
light> FBF> bash from full block> heavy (I believe)
light> FBF> heavy
Heavy> FBF> heavy
heavy> FBF> light
Heavy> FBF> FBF> heavy.
Heavy> FBF> FBF> light.
Heavy> FBF> bash from full block> heavy
Heavy> FBF> bash from full block> light
Heavy> FBF> dodge bash> light
Heavy> FBF> dodge into an attack> light
charged heavy> FBF> light
charged heavy> FBF> heavy
charged heavy> FBF> FBF> heavy
charged heavy> FBF> FBF> light
charged heavy> FBF> dodge> light
charged heavy> FBF> dodge into attack> light

I forget exactly what you get off of bashes (pretty sure it's light only most of the time) and bashes from full block. and when you dodge into an attack.
but the basic idea is that you can cancel everything with full block feint and chain it into nearly everything. and canceling more than once to throw people off is very viable.

08-14-2017, 12:55 AM
If you want give it a shot with above post suggestions, most of those suggestions are horrible risk vs reward wise.

Full Block Stance used for cancelling attacks hurts your stamina way more than regular feint costs. Conq is horrible at stamina management, last thing you want is not having enough stamina on the rare occasion you may actually punish enemy.

For risk vs reward what I am talking is the potential punish vs potential reward. Conq lights does 12 damage for 600ms speed which is very slow, his side heavies does 25 damage for 700ms and top same damage for even slower speed and for some reason shorter range (I don't know wtf they were thinking). In 1v1 bash doesn't do any damage.

Example for risk vs reward;

light> FBF> light
If successful you spent 1/3~ of your stamina for 12 damage. If they parry that you go below 1/2 stamina and get punished for damage ranging from 35 to 65. Not even remotely worth the risk.

Charged heavy is just a stamina drain that will never net you any positive output, it will always be parried by average/good opponents, like I said last thing you want is being out of stamina when you have the rare opportunity for punish.

There are couple of things I can suggest;


1. Enemy wont throw heavies on you, and they wont bother feinting either. If you attempt parrying lights only then they will start mixing up heavies a bit. Here is an advanced light parry method for Conq;

Attempt to parry lights by HOLDING DOWN heavy button.. Since holding down heavy functions as charging heavy attack for Conq, during which he maintains his block; you can attempt to parry lights, and if you screw it up it still blocks. Then immediately cancel charging your heavy. Very hard to pull of vs light spam in actual fights but your biggest crutch as Conq.

2. Keep your block at direction of opponents fastest attack (oroichi, warden top etc) and dodge in the direction of other attacks when they come instead of blocking and immediately chain it into bash to prevent GB with feints. Follow with a single light. Does NOT work vs Centurions and PKs since they can soft feint their heavies into GB.

3. Never attempt to use superior block on your heavies. Vs lights it cant be used on reaction to work it, and vs heavies.. well there wont be heavies but if there are just block and GB.


1. One tool is mixing up side dash > Bash > (probably gonna be dodged but you will recover in time for CGB/block) // side dash > cancel > GB. Rarely works but still a viable tool. Does not work with forward dodge since enemy can poke with lights vs that.

2. Out of RANGE heavy swing into Riposte (GB) (if successful this gives free heavy) // heavy swing into FGS into bash(GB) for catching dodged enemy in your bash. This is weird in what it gives, sometimes vs some characters heavy but most cases just light.

3. (IF you GB someone) mixup side heavy > riposte (GB) // side heavy > cancel > GB. Either will rarely work, but better than nothing since riposte is always side dodged with ease otherwise.


When you GB someone, never ever use top heavy in any situation; always side heavy. But if you use side heavy in the direction their block was sitting during GB, it will get blocked!

When someone is on the ground OOS, charge side heavy for a second and hit for 35 damage. Sadly this is all you can get, and this is the only way you can get any damage at all.

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08-14-2017, 06:46 AM

All the top conqs i've ever fought/seen use full block feinting to great success.
turtling is also an effective strat. but a boring one.
OP asked for mix ups. I listed them.

in my book you can't be the best conq out there without using full block feinting.
Legion unchained was a very famous conq (as an example) that used this to great effect.

08-14-2017, 11:28 AM
I got a lot more wins with the tips in this thread. The charged heavy feints worked the best since everyone wants to punish so badly.

08-14-2017, 01:41 PM
You can roll the stick to feint your attacks into full guard and then gb. For example you start out on the left guard stance, attack, roll your stick counter clockwise to get into the right guard stance, and then you can gb. You couldn't pull off the gb normally because it would just do the shield bash so this allows for another mixup. It also seems to be a bit faster than just going into fullguard and attacking out right.

08-14-2017, 02:32 PM
Anyone telling you to attack offensively with a heavy is setting you up for disaster. Hell, the light attacks are dangerous enough. Unless something has changed recently you usually do not recover from a missed bash in time any more for a counter guard-break, though certain classes seem to have a harder time catching you.

Until things are re-worked your best option is to turtle until the enemy is out of stamina and punish. Plain and simple.

08-14-2017, 03:01 PM
Just play him for a long time. It will come to you.

I always liked doing......

Charged heavy stay at a distance and miss the first intentionally switch directions midswing comeback with another. Mix up from missing to hitting on the first swing. The charged heavy is easily punished so mix it up.You'll die if you always try to connect the first swing. It will look like one smooth flow when you miss and swing back from another direction.

The secondary swing has a huge range most players dont think it will go that far. Once you get the range of the secondary swing down. It can change the whole fight.They also will see you miss the first and will step forward 90% of the time because they see that window to strike and cant help from moving forward out of habit(use this to your advantage to get them to step into your second swing) and the second comeback swing will connect out of nowhere. Go directly into SB and instantly go into light attack chain. Prepare for ragequits.lol Good players will go on the defensive at that point beware. But you'll win far more than you'll lose.

On Console If they try to dodge and gb you after the sb. If you done the sb light perfectly you will see a blue glint light flicker on your hero and they will bounce off. Practice this. Its very hard to do..Continue your lights chain until they get out or your almost OOS. It works very well. Keep an eye on your Stam. Most players dont think you can be aggressive with him but thats not true. You just have to have the patience to know when to be aggressive and how to be aggressive with him at the time it presents itself.

If your on xbox send me a Friend request I'll show you a few tricks with him. I dont really like throwing all my tips and tricks for fighters around on the forums. lol But hope this helps