View Full Version : Juno's Instruments of The First Will: Their Antithesis

08-13-2017, 07:46 PM
Old Theory, but I'll post it anyway.

Assassins and Templars both two sides of the same coin, both have an idealistic goal of the world that they work towards, and both use questionable methods to get there. Yet they are somewhat opposites in how they wish to attain their ideals, the Templars through order, control stability, Assassins through skepticism, freedom and liberty. It is this fundamental basis which has led them to fight each other through out history as they continually battle for their ideals to come out on top.

Then there are Juno's Instruments of the First Will, a small cult of people bent on returning power back to the First Civilization so that humans can be their slaves once more and worship them in servitude. Their beliefs seem to overlap with the Templars as both have cynical views on humanity though Templars believe that the capable humans should guide the rest into an orderly peace, where as the First Will think that all humans sould return to being tools for the First Civilzation. I don't think either the Assassins or Templars are the antithesis of the Instruments as they are both opposites in their own struggle.

Then I came across Hermetic Order and concluded that this could be the group which is the direct antihesis of the Instruments. Hermeticists, which we encountered in the Da Vinci Disappearence and Project Legacy believe that mankind should be transformed, and wish to spread knowledge throughout humanity. This Transhuman goal is directly in opposition to the Instruments, as while the Hermeticists wish to transform and develop humanity through knowledge and technology into something greater, the Instruments wish to regress humans to tools for a better race.