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08-13-2017, 01:50 PM
Hey guys
I thought about some ideas what to buy with money instead of just buying food like in BGAE1 and how to get it

What to buy? :
1. Home, apartment, own shop
2. Food from grocery stores or restaurants
3. swords and fighting stuff, protecting clothes, bombs
4. gear for the space ship and decoration.........
5. buy weapons and costumes created by online gamers.

how to get money?
1. Spaceship races with online gamers
2. parkours without the spaceship just with the character. with jumping, running...
3. get jobs in restaurants and stores or so...
4. get a mission and complete it. killing an enemy
5. get money from friends

do you guys have any other ideas ???? excited to know about it

08-13-2017, 04:07 PM
Well... my ship would be my home I guess. I could see like maybe outposts that are somewhat upgradeable?

Well I would replace 2 and 3 with simple and easy BGE1 food(because it is not very complex) and clothing for style.
If clothing is important for defense than you end up going full armor or style... just having it as style thing seems the best imo.

About weapons.
I wait for the devs on how they want that and then give critics^^ I do not see them bloating weapons into the game. I do not see why we would need that unless we get it more Ratchet&Clank style-ish or Jak&Daxter 2-3(basicly the same company^^)? It just seems to me that you gotta start cash farming for that one weapon or something. Maybe they could make it weapon addons and upgrades with the RPG elements or like Rayman 2 where you actually do not need anything?

Small gadgets should be in again like the animal detector and stuff. They gotta be expensive and therefore special. I mean you could lock UI away and if you get the gadget for it you get it activated, like a minimap^^ That would be super cool if everything is down to tech that is really in the game.

Well I would assume you can buy better thrusters for the ship and stuff.
But I doubt a lot impacting for the insides. I wonder if the ship breaks? You gotta pay repair?

No workshop idea in place and it would seem a hard task. I see few value in that as this game seems to be made for everything else than a content interaction between players(plus over consoles). I suggest a MassEffect Andromeda approach which lets us save our created characters to the cloud and Saints Row style outfit saving for global access so anyone could use them.
If this type of mod/content support would have been a goal they already would have mentioned it like the other points.

How to get money^^

Well we know pizza selling is a very likely thing^^

Racing against KI too... against players I doubt(Like GTA V its very hard to have a chance to win online :/ ). I don't see a good cash value here if we go online. A Leaderboardfunction would be a nice thing. On top of that who gets the server? I do not know of any dedicated servers for the game. Racing "online" is a idea for a private game with friends.

Stealing... we need to be able to steal cash^^
True cash sharing should be a thing.

Other stuff to buy?

Since we probably play a hybrid I wonder if we get things like gene-modifier that grants like a upgrade in the RPG elements or that there are such pickups like the Physiological Accelerators. Of course stuff you could only buy at some shady vendors, because it is untested tech which m8 also gets you in a sidequest if first buy such a thing^^

08-14-2017, 10:48 PM
I think what you should spend the money on BG&E2 should not differ much from the first game, like it's not a RPG with 1000 swords or guns, but instead make it more clothes, and adding up style to your crew. also your HUD, it would be great if the perks alter your hud and for example you buy a special visor that not only customize your character eyes but also gives you like Night vision or xray vision to locate some things.
Customizing your ship should be mandatory like the mammagos place, but expanded a little bit making your ship just the way you like it, with some interior, or arranging the stuff inside your ship, like where is the HQ or the cargo bay.

As where to make money i think the ideas from the post are good ones and i think it will add up to the game

08-14-2017, 11:28 PM
I totally agree with the Rickled person above my post. ;)

08-17-2017, 07:10 AM
Way spend money
1)Gags, for instance something to throw at people to bother them, or fake poo for the walkway for funny reactions
2)Lowering wanted level
3)Buy in's for special missions
4)An area to collect creatures you encounter like MGSV TPP. Money paid for the place and to have creature transported.
5)Customization for SAC AI or ship AI. For instance instead of Secundo, Natasha with a Russian accent takes holographic form
6)Maps for cities/new locales and maps that show item locations like what Knox ripped off the Pig
7)Pay to have a hybrid made for some purpose? Like an excellent ship mechanic Gorilla, or a specialized fighting bear hybrid.

How to Make money
1)Assassination contracts
2) Beat shipmates in games (cards/checkers/etc)
3)High stakes gambling parlour
4)Cage fights, maybe sending a crew member and taking a cut if they win and..not having them come home if they lose
5)Ransom for hostages
6)Returning/releasing slaves
7)Raiding merchant ships in town and space
8)Robbing stores

10-08-2017, 11:57 PM
You also should get money like in the old BGE.
That means:

- By defeating enemies.
- With destroying boxes and other things
- Fotos

11-10-2017, 06:17 AM
I think everything you mentioned was good. I would also like to see the ability to buy a hybrid slave and set them free allowing them the choice of joining your crew. They will most likely join your crew from the things that you've done or some kind of charisma calculator, but I prefer the things you've done.

11-21-2017, 05:31 PM
There are lot of these propositions that I like, few that I dislike, and very few details I feel missing.
I strongly think any game system has to bring immersion, economic system must be logical to be part of this immersion, that's why I like or not these ideas.

What I like

Earn coins :
- Taking pictures and sell it. That is very coherent with the gameplay already announced and the "heritage" from the first BEG as Jade was photo reporter. Being witness and do something about it, that's to me one of the strongest pillars of BEG's spirit. We know we will be able to also take picts of some dirty event and and use it as proof and mission triggers. Smaller dirty events could allow us to blackmail. But it also could could allow a lot of variety, like taking picture of animals, landscapes, celebrities and sell them to various specialized magazines. That could be a deep and funny gameplay to become professional photograph.
- Deliveries, pizza is fun but diversity is important. Delivery of any kind could be cool, a wink to Fedex mission would be great if they are limited to this kind of missions.
- Fun mini games around small jobs. Like cooking, serving, washing...
- Organized competitions; like races, fights... wether participating or betting on competitions we don't run by ourselves. But it has to be organized somehow, there must be bookmakers etc.
- Stealing coins or stuffs we could sell in a dirty pawn shop
- Looting enemies, but I hate when we always get something or get always the same kind of amount. Some guys should have nothing, others plenty, most of them some between "almost nothing" to "not much".
- Looting treasures, that's piratish ^^
- Investing in a business, legal or not. Simple as giving money to a guy and get interest in benefits. Would be fun if some business would be very benefiting and others being lost for some logical reasons (bad business, unprofessional partner, cops stoping an illegal deal, mafiosi taking bribes...). Risk being the core of investment.
- Building a business like a pawn shop where we could sell some stuffs we have looted but with better benefits than selling it to a pawn shop we don't own. It would take to put a crew member to work in it as we wont have time to do it by ourself. Appropriate or non appropriate crew member could make us get more or less profit on it. So it would ask for a hiring/firing system. Maybe could we have other kind of business possible, like deliveries, restaurants, bars... but it would be very cool if this works a bit like pawn shops : if we bring goods by ourself (by looting, hunting etc) we should make more benefits than if we buy to sell.
- Raid / robs, with a variety of victims (merchants, bankers, mafiosi, cops, army...) and raid styles (ships, shops, convoys, settlements...)
- Ransom for hostages. That's cool as it could bring many interesting gameplay phases, and also because that could have an effect on our reputation, if there is a reputation system.
- Bounties for getting some criminals could add some very interesting gameplay. But there must be some subtilities about to whom gave back the criminal. Cause if we are pirates authorities should also have placed a bounty on us, so we can't get to them to bring back a criminal. It should be some kind of private/secret bounty system.

Spend it :
- Weapons, would be sadly surprised if it is not.
- Photography gear, to improve pictures quality, distance range etc, in order to sell them easier and for higher price.
- Vehicles, happy it looks like it is already check
- Mother ship Restoration, I would be very happy if the mother ship would be some unique wreck that we got to fix secretly (and protect that secret) before being able to use it.
- Mother ship improvements. From weapons to motors, detectors, sleeping spaces, toilets, coffee machine... XD
- Gadgets, I like a lot the idea of detectors, that's a great way to introduce helps to find hidden stuffs without breaking the immersion. At least so far they are not absurd : metal detector, OK. "Treasure of any kind detector" no way.
- Consumables, like batteries for detectors, ammo, medical stuffs etc.
- Home, even if the mother ship is one it could be really cool to have some more private spot for "retirement"
- Tools and materials, if we could build our home like in Fallout 4. That addon is a killer, it's so damn cool !
- Clothes, and I do agree that it's way more interesting if there are no armors, except some bullet proof jackets and pads that get used until be to damaged
- Food, even if it does not affect the gameplay, but taking some life or endurance points is OK
- Customizations, bringing improvements and/or cosmetic changes, and for all items kind (vehicles, weapons, home, clothes etc)
- Gags, great idea, greater if it can be used during missions, like to make diversions or so :)
- Bribes to get information, access, stuff like that
- Maps with only public information we can find on a classic commercial map (location names, restaurants...)
- Manumission, to officially free a slave from his condition
- Beat shipmates in games. Only if it affects the "relationmeter" positively like having some fun time to time, and negatively if sucking the money out of a ship member suffering gambling addiction.
- Propaganda. To have an impact on how people see our activities. That could be very interesting if consequences on our reputation could be positive or negative depending how correctly done it is (for example to much propaganda kills the propaganda). Also it could add some more use to photography.

What I don't like

Spending :
- Levels. In witch absurd dimension can you buy and improve capacities and knowledge ? Even buying a school wont allow you to get more educated if you don't actually work during classes. Only experimentation can logically improve capacity levels.
- Lowering wanted levels. It worked a bit in Red Dead Redemption but I can't see it working in a futuristic universe where datas can be verified. And without telecommunication it doesn't make any sense if you buy this from some guy here or there.
- Maps with treasure locations. If some guy would sell such a thing he would be just insane.
- Slaves. Damn if we are there to fight slavery why becoming a cracker ? If the story allows us to make such a life choice, why not, but if not the case there are no reasons to do so.
- Buy in's for special missions. If the mission starts by paying dinner to someone, or some other logical circumstances, why not. If it doesn't make any sense like "here"s a special mission, pay to play" no thanks.

Earning :
- Assassination. Between the "assassin creed" boring mood and the "banalization of killing for money" I don't like that much.
- Destroying stuffs. Again, in witch dimension do you get money while destroying a box, a vehicle or whatever else ?
- Returning / selling slaves. Same as buying slaves
- Releasing slaves. This action, aka manumission, has a cost, it doesn't make you richer. At best it could be free in exchange of a service.
- Complete a mission. If there's no contract or price there are no reason why just completing a mission should reward us with money.
- Get it from friends. That's not earning, that's owing. If there's a system automatically taking in our money to payback the loan, ok, but if there's not that's one of the "good ideas" that screwed many games economy like GTA online. Same thing for bets between players, if it is possible thing, witch could be cool, there should be bet limits so it doesn't destroy the economic system.
- Killing an enemy, if you loot him afterward, and there's a reason he could have money on him, why not. If it's just for having killed him and "bling" here's your cash, no thanks, that's absurd.
- Ransom for hostages. If there's no reputation system I would prefer not, it would become damn boring to act like an ******* and not provoking any changes except earning money.

11-21-2017, 09:55 PM
I really liked your list specially because you justify every thing you mentioned ;)

Hey what happened with bloodysugar post??? My comment was related to that...

11-22-2017, 10:04 AM
Thanks :) You been very brave to read all that ^^'
I made an edition so it can be easier to read
Added some more details about "taking pictures", "invest in a business", "getting bounties", "making propaganda", "get money from friends".
Added few ideas : 'looting treasures" and "building a business"