View Full Version : So now that the tournament is over.

08-13-2017, 01:20 PM
Ubi, I'm curious, do you hold a stance that the tournament play was healthy and what you want from your game? Are you going to say that the raiders running around in circles trying to land charges over and over and over and not doing anything else is good gameplay? Is the unlock "tech" what you think this game needs? We need an honest answer to this. Is this what you truly want your game to be, and is this what you consider healthy gameplay?

08-13-2017, 03:09 PM
In patch notes they have constantly said that they are trying to get rid of unlock tech since it was unintended, every time they have patched an unlocktech they have said the intent is that all attacks behave the same locked and unlocked and that was what confused me about the stream, not only was the unlock stuff constant but the casters were calling it as skilful play. Sadly I half expected it, the season 2 premiere was just as bad. The thing is, whatever their view on it, they have just given money to people who have abused them.

In my opinion, while they can hardly control tournaments that others organise, the ones they stream they should be taking a stand and laying down rulings on it because right now the devs are telling us one thing, the play and the calling of the plays are telling us something else.

As to the raider stuff, I agree it doesn't look too good, at least that is in the core mechanics of the game and it is up to the devs to figure out how to fix that, they certainly couldn't have said don't use it in that way or else as I believe they should have done with the exploit tech.

All in all I agree with what Cartoonz said about ranked mode coming in, at least the tryhards will have a place to go, the rest of us might get some decent play. I'll be there at least once to look at what xp and rewards it offers but regular duel might be more fun in the future.