View Full Version : So I Don't Know If This is on Purpose or a Bug, But Can it be Fixed?

08-13-2017, 06:25 AM
So the new mythic outfits for the samurai all have a jade theme. Each ornament heavily features jade and it is a bright green color. Except for Orochi.

You see every jade ornament for every samurai remains jade no matter what color you have equipped. That is not the case with orochi. From what I have tested the three jades in the orochi ornament are actually treated as customizables. Like how different parts of each ornament change based on the color you have selected. Which is kinda cool, don't get me wrong it can look pretty sick with some colors, however I can't get it to be jade. Even the color scheme that comes with the mythic skin doesn't have the jade in it. It's just this dark black(it might be a very dark green that is super invisible).

I wouldn't mind the option to choose between it being jade or it being based on color, however I do think it is odd that it's a jade ornament that doesn't actually have jade. You can slightly simulate it if a bright green is one of the three colors in a color pallet, but it still doesn't carry that glow and brilliance that the jade has on every other samurai. Again I think it would look super cool if you could change the color for the jade on every samurai, but I would at least like to also have the option to have it be it's normal jade. But at the same time some of my favorite colors for orochi feature black and red as the color, making her look really cool, however it makes the jade stones into just this dull black, which makes the ornament look super bland and basic and like it doesn't even have stones in it at all.

I'm fully aware this is a super unimportant thing that has no impact on the game. But I just thought hopefully someone would notice this and maybe fix it. The preview photo in the ornament selection menu shows it being jade, but nothing I do makes it jade. I like the prospect of having different color pallets while not worrying about the jade changing with it, but at the same time some of the colors to the jade look really cool. It's just a weird inconsistency that all the other samurai follow the rule of "it stays jade no matter what" but the orochi is left out where not only does the color change the jade color into other things, you can't even get the normal jade color in the first place. idk it's just weird and I feel like it's a small fix if it is a mistake.