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08-13-2017, 12:30 AM
So today it looks like people are panicking about the second coming of centurion reborn as the gladiator. But I'm not entirely convinced he's really that OP. I've seen the move set and, to be perfectly honest, it looks pretty standard for an assassin move set; plenty of mix up, lots of combo, chains and unblockables sprinkled in. Here's the thing though, remember when season two heroes were announced?

We all saw centurion; badass mofo with a small gladius and pension for taking control of the field with an iron fist (almost literally) His move set looked alright and before people started learning his CC cancer chains, he wasn't too bad.

Then we saw shinobi; Glass cannon, equipped with an extensive list of chains and mix ups topped of with the cherry that was the double dodge into unblockable kick. Sure he had low HP, but that mother****er had some stamina, and before his nerf you couldn't do **** to stop him. So much spam you'd think you were at a seaside diner.

I'm seeing a lot of similarities here. We have two characters, one hybrid and one assassin. The hybrid looking like a real piece of work with his "not compensating for jack ****" sword and thighs so thick you could carve 'em up and feed a third world country. The assassin shown to have all the chains, all the unblockables and all the bleed, stun, stamina etc. We know ubi will nerf one of these two, and probably leave the one untouched for a good while. My question is, of the two being released, who do ya'll think is gonna get nerfed into the dirt based on the movesets alone?

Yeah.....my money is the Highlander this season, gonna carry the Vikings to the season 3 win with those thighs of Odin if I have to.

08-13-2017, 01:55 AM
"So much spam you'd think you were at a seaside diner."

"...thighs so thick you could carve 'em up and feed a third world country."

Have to say that your comparisons are 10/10.