View Full Version : Free Weekend thoughts (For Honor 2 eventually?)

08-13-2017, 12:29 AM
I loved the game during beta. I did not however buy the game at launch because I rarely buy PvP based games at launch. It pained me to see how many negative reviews and all the problems the game had a launch. It hurts to see the community for it almost nonexistent. It is easily one of the most entertaining PvP games out right now. Anyway, I have played the weekend and it's still super fun. I finally got to play with the characters I couldn't in the beta and I love them. The maps are great. The Story was pretty fun. Its even fun to just boot up the 1v1 VS AI. Hopefully we can see a For Honor 2 at some point in the future now that the devs have a better understanding of what they want the game to be, and more experience with the whole thing. A sequel with, well, much less in terms of launch issues. Dedicated servers at launch, more balance. That kind of thing.