View Full Version : Why you SHOULDN'T nerf parry...

08-12-2017, 07:12 PM
Look at any fighting game out there and you will notice the same trend. Everybody button mashes at low levels and barely hits any at high levels. This "turtle meta" is in every single fighting game and I would argue, is in every single game ever. Defence is almost always favored over offence.

High level players will just shift their playstyle not change it. Instead of parrying the best thing most likely to do is dodge. Wait and dodge every attack. Still turtle meta... The people this patch will really hit is mid level players. Aka the vast majority of the player base. Because without parrying, there is no skill in this game. I watched mege's video where he goes over what every character gets from a parry and it is pathetic. Conq literally gets no punishment for even a light parry?!! So he can just throw out attacks with zero reguard. If I fight a brand new player, we would be even in skill then. Despite having over 15 days of playtime, I would be no better because the meta will be to spam attacks until you win. Light punish off of a light parry is a pathetic trade because most players aren't parrying even half the lights that are thrown at them. Especially on console where there are way more light spamming pks than there are turtling warlords... This change will mean you don't have to think about your choices or your opponent at all... it is completely counter intuitive and will take all skill from the game.