View Full Version : For new players, dispelling some myths and an honest review of For Honor

08-12-2017, 05:14 PM
Hello everyone! I've seen a lot of posts here about how we should deal with the new players this weekend..some good and some bad. I wanted to give new players an honest review of the game, as well as address some of the popular myths and their validity.

1. Should I buy this game?

In short, if you like hack and slash/fighting games then absolutely! This game is a blast to play when everything is working correctly. Want to play as a knight with a mace and shield? We have you covered! Ever want to cleave someones skull in half as a 6 foot talk Viking using an axe? We can do that too! Real time combat and a variety of play styles make this game fun. There is also a campaign (with online co op), which is rare nowadays. You can also play every mode online against bots.

2. Ive heard For Honor is dead and lost 95 percent of its playerbase! Is this true?

The short answer is....yes and no, let me explain. A few months ago someone wrote an article that For Honor had lost 95 percent of its player base...on Steam. People took this and ran with it..and its been a rallying cry for haters ever since.

That being said...that only takes into account STEAMS playerbase. It doesnt deal with digital downloads or other sites like uplay and it has nothing to do with consoles at all. Its one source from one platform to play on pc...that's it. I personally play on ps4 and play around 4 or 5 games a day around 4 times a week...i never have long que times or finding a match.

3 The centurion is overpowered and broken and makes the game unplayable!

Again..not true! Im going to get a lot of salt for this because I man cent but i will say this...centurion has not won or placed in ANY for honor duel tournaments...why? Because although he may be strong..he is very easily to deal with 1 on 1. Now in 4 v 4 games is he strong and frustrating to play against? Absolutely! But if you practice against him and stay with your team...he isn't impossible to deal with. He also hae been nerfed several times and is still being balanced by the devs.

I heard matchmaking is broken and makes the game anti fun!

this is probably the most legitimate complaint i see on here. Yes matchmaking is undergoing a lot or work and they have made improvements...but sometimes you get ranked up against higher level people with a gear advantage. Now i play at high level so i can't give my two cents on if it happens a lot..but if it does i would advise you get some practice in vs AI to get a true feel for the game.

I know this is a long post and has a lot of info here. I hope this helps people make a more informed decision about the game and if its for them.

08-12-2017, 05:18 PM
As far as connection issues..i didnt comment on that because everyone has such drastically different experiences with it so it's hard to make a generalized assesment. I will say that on average...im kicked from 1 out of every 8 games, if that, due to connection errors. I play on PS4