View Full Version : HUD/ UI suggestion.

08-12-2017, 01:43 PM
Love the game, but the hud (while effective) really sucks the immersion out of the game for me, and als, making montages or clips it doesn't do the beauty and fluidity of the animations justice.

Problem is turning it off gimps you so hard it's just not viable.

So I was wondering, if it wasn't a lot of trouble, could we get an immersion option that seeks to give the player the same (or close to) amount of information as using the full hud, with really out of the way icons, that can also be edited out very easily.

The idea would be all necessary icons for the game would be located within the top & bottom 1cm of the screen.

Something like;

-drastically reduced mini map ( or selectable scale and placement would be amazing) squeezed into bottom right of screen

- player health/ stam made very slim and placed centre screen hugging the very bottom of the screen. Yellow dot beside health indicates revenge mode ready to be used.

- capture A,B,C letters bottom left of screen (should be tiny) and represent the current color of the letter (flashing meaning it's being taken)

-centre top of screen hugging the border would be enemy health/stam with a small yellow dot at the side indicating if they have revenge ( bar only shows up when locking onto enemy)

-preset messages to have an option to reduce them in size by a lot and squeeze them further into the bottom left (and an option to turn them off)

-player feats icons to be made tiny and placed bottom left beside the ABC letters for objectives. (Could even be just 4 circles with 3 different colours representing locked/ unlocked/ ready to use(in the case of throwing knives etc))

-remove the messages that currently still pop up when using no hud like: player double kill, feat 1 unlocked etc..

- hit direction indicators. To be removed from player entirely, and indicators on enemy to be reduce in size by 33% but still keep the current spacing in between the 3 directions.

This would really be great for immersion as the entire screen would be free, but also, those wishing to make For Honor montages vids could simply add Black Cinema bars/ widescreen mode to their clips, and just 1cm cut off the top/bottom would makes these clips look like very immersive.

What do you think, would anyone else like to try a hud layout like this? Thanks.