View Full Version : The current state of For Honor for a PS4 Player

08-12-2017, 03:33 AM
Heres just some things I am currently seeing as a problem for people on the PS4.

Connection seems to have gotten extremely bad on the PS servers of for honor. This actually is the reason im even discussing this. Today I was kicked out of 7 matches. 2 were duels 5 were dominion. But that was just on my end, out of the 10 duels i did tooday minus the 2 from me disconnecting, ive had 4 opponents disconnect. Ive also played 4 dominion matches where the entire enemy team but 1 person got kicked out of the match and vice versa. Im not sure whats happening.

Bezerker random damage from a Right heavy?-
So i was playing duels and I noticed this twice now, the bezerker would dash right, do the dash attack and then a heavy right. Usually if it connects id say i take about 30- 40 damage? not sure what the scaling truly is, i think its 43 right? anyways, my duels came to crashing early ends as the zerk did the usual dash attack to heavy but suddenly the heavy damage spiked tremendously to a whopping 64 damage. I believed that the top heavy was the only crucially high damage move. For christ sake he didnt even do a jumping animation just a one handed swing right and Boom my healthbar eradicated. Now I can say now that if thats zerks natural damage that he can just land 64 damage so quickly, shinobi players besides myself are doomed especially since blocking on the ps4 and parrying is horrible.

Defense on the ps4
Thats why this is is also something i must discuss. Unless someones playing the standard orochi - zerk I noticed Warlords, lawbringers, and conquerers are becoming extremely common again on the ps4 end. So I tested it out myself to see what the hype was by playing a bit of conq. the omni block is truly the greatest invention, for some reason on ps4 theres like a strong delay when it comes to the defense aspect of the game, there are extremely too many times where ive had those "I swear I switched the stick in that direction!" moments. Is it some type of delay or what? Noticing it because when I play on PC i almost rarely never have that problem. Defense on PC feels more crisp and precise while ps4 feels like a 50/50 gamble unless your character has a massive shield.

Those are just some things on my end. I could go on and on but it wont mean much if it all comes from one player it just turns into "You should get good" and all that jive. peace guys