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08-11-2017, 10:32 PM

Matchmaker wasn't ready error ===> Don't care, restart the matchmaker

Not enough players in lobby error ===> Don't care, restart the matchmaker

Random error during matchmaking ===> Guess what, still don't care just restart the damn matchmaker

Just put me in a match so i can lose to a Centurion who feints his GB's into GB's that should have been nerfed the week after shinobi.


08-11-2017, 10:51 PM
For the second error regarding not enough players, that is getting addressed in the 8/15 patch to auto start match making again.

08-12-2017, 12:06 AM
Tnigz is correct. Here is the specifics from the 1.11 Patch Notes.

Improved Rematch Flow
Matchmaking will now restart automatically if there’s not enough players to start another match once the end of match lobby countdown reaches 0. As an additional improvement, groups will now be kept together when this occurs. No more kick back to the Main Menu or Group Disband!

Thanks to this improvement and the Join-In-Progress in End Match lobby, players don’t have to leave the lobby anymore when they want to continue playing the same Game Mode with the same Group

08-12-2017, 01:49 AM
We don't use the F word around Ubisoft. You know... fix...