View Full Version : Free weekend with this connection HA!

08-11-2017, 04:45 AM
Your trying to get for sales not with this **** connection played more than 10 game finished 2 of them

08-11-2017, 09:22 AM
The last 20 matches ive played (Tried to) today have ended with full match crashes, multiple people disconnecting, and leaving large chunks of the match filled with bots that decide the fate of the match based on what team has the bots. Why did they decide to do free weekend BEFORE dedicated servers? Its like they are trying to convince people not to buy the game.

Tundra 793
08-11-2017, 09:31 AM
Honestly, this current system is absolutely sub par, but It's also really, really inconsistent.

Some people have never had major issues since day 1, others haven't been able to play at all. Personally, It used to be 50/50, I'd be just as likely to crash from a game as I would be finishing it.
But it has gotten a bit better for some people lately, so hopefully the ones who decide to try out the free weekend won't get the absolute worst of it.

We can hope.