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08-10-2017, 08:01 PM
Agents, incoming State of the Game transmission:

Last week on State of the Game (https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/news/detail.aspx?c=tcm:154-297793-16&ct=tcm:154-76770-32), Community Developers Yannick Banchereau & Hamish Bode discussed the upcoming changes to Classified Gear drop rates and the ongoing latency investigation.

This week Yannick & Hamish discussed the upcoming Update 1.7, announced its release date and detailed some balancing changes that were made after the closure of the PTS.

If you missed the stream, or simply want more details on the aforementioned balancing changes check out the VoD (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/165893035) or if you currently are on the go, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered, take a listen to our Podcast recap (https://soundcloud.com/thedivisiongame/state-of-the-game-10082017).


Update 1.7 will be released on Tuesday, August 15th on all platforms and the patch notes will be available on the Official website (https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/) on Monday, August 14th at 6 PM CEST.

If you need a refresher on what the update will bring or if you are a new recruit of the The Division, check out our in-depth articles on Global Events (https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/news/detail.aspx?c=tcm:154-293355-16&ct=tcm:154-76770-32), Commendations (https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/news/detail.aspx?c=tcm:154-293999-16&ct=tcm:154-76770-32), Classified Gear (https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/news/detail.aspx?c=tcm:154-294372-16&ct=tcm:154-76770-32) as well as the Intel Wrap-up (https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/news/detail.aspx?c=tcm:154-294680-16&ct=tcm:154-76770-32) article.

The first Global Event, Outbreak, will be available on the same day as the patch goes live and the available Classified sets from this event are DeadEye, Final Measure, and Lone Star. In addition, a number of the new face masks will also be available as a reward for participation in the first Global Event.

Our in-depth investigation to identify causes of in-game lag continues. We have been able to identify server and client desync as one culprit, and as a result we will focus parts of our investigation in this direction.

Finally, this weekend we are hosting a Double Field Proficiency Cache event. All agents will receive two field proficiency caches each time they fill their field proficiency bar.

Starts: August 11th at 00:01 UTC
Ends: August 14th at 00:01 UTC

Enjoy the event and see you in New York!


Our current main focus is the imminent release of Update 1.7. However, in the not so distant future we will start to communicate on what Update 1.8 will bring to the game. Stay tuned for future State of the Game streams!

Finally, our investigation into latency issues is an ongoing process and we will share more details on this topic in future streams.

As always, be sure to join us over on the Official Forums (http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/498-The-Division?) or on the community Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/) if you’re looking for a place to discuss all things related to The Division.

Until next time!

The Division Dev Team

08-10-2017, 08:53 PM
I am impressed i never expect that 1.7 will be released very soon like this , good job guys keep it up .

El Cactus Loco
08-10-2017, 09:20 PM
jeez what a disaster. a D3 nerf that no one wanted. no changes to deadeye despite everyone who uses it saying the new changes are terrible. more last minute changes that were never tested in the PTS. just when im getting back into the game you guys just ruin all the fun as usual.

08-11-2017, 05:00 AM
●D3 why didn't u guy just make the two damage to elites now the shield is just gonna get melted by npc, who even sujected this and thought it was a good idea.
●on top of removing the three piece 30% health also let the shield take 20% more damage from players so now even a healer can melt the shield.

08-11-2017, 12:05 PM
As someone who has played using the ballistic shield since day 1, I am very disappointed with the second major nerf to this gear set.

For those that might not remember, this first major nerf was when the all the mods were removed from the 4-piece bonus (with the exception of the master mod). This was done because the developers felt that the inclusion of mods like Assault Shield made the 4-piece overpowered and that that was a reasonable trade-off for the use of the SMG. While I was not happy with the change, I understand the logic and can support it.

However, this most recent nerf, giving us 10+ damage in exchange for a 30% reduction in shield health is terrible. The logic presented was: "in order to give you something better in the 5-piece, we need to take something away in the 3-piece". What??

The whole purpose of this set is to be able to attract and absorb aggro. You cannot do that if your shield is breaking.

I would support the following:
A) 3-piece reduction of shield health to 20% along with +10% shield damage and a 5-piece bonus of +10% shield health and +5% shield damage OR
B) No change to 3-piece and 5-piece is: +10% shield damage and +15% shield resilience

The goal of these sets is to get someone to invest "all in" into the set. You cannot do that if you make the first 3 or 4 pieces not worth using.


08-11-2017, 02:51 PM
With luck Massive realizes that they ruined an entire set in the game and made it useless in PvE and a handicap in PvP now. Half the mobs in Legendary missions are reds and purples and already melt through shields so now they will just melt through them 30% faster. In the DZ the shield is beneficial in some fights but for the most part people just hip fire around the shield and melt through you without ever hitting the shield.

I do like how everyone has been complaining about the shotgun quick fire spamming coupled with striker....and instead of doing something about it they made the striker/SASG more appealing now. I like how so many people have been complaining about the hip-fire epidemic and instead of fixing hip-fire accuracy they simply removed aim-assist from it which does nothing for PC players and the aim assist with hip fire was never the issues on console it was the fact that the bullets fire with nearly the same accuracy as if you were ADSing. I have rarely ever seen anyone complain about shield builds being overpowered in fact many people in the DZ laugh at the shield builds...yet out of all the things that need to be tweaked in the gear sets they pick the one that should be towards the bottom of the list to be nerfed.

08-11-2017, 08:15 PM
There is a way to counter-balance this build and bot feel like you have been robbed. All you need is a Barretts and the back pack which adds health to skills (I forget the name), also use either Ballistic shield health or damage reduction mods. Then if you try to balance firearms and electronics, as well as have health on your gear, there is a chance to still have a good viable gearset. Plus with the Ninja builds on the horizon, think about how 4 D3 and 3 Tac is gonna be? Or 4 D3, 3 Pred?

08-12-2017, 01:52 PM
●why not make the shield's health rely on how much stamina the player has this way someone that has just invest everything into firearms and electronics will have great dps but his shield will get melted quickly.

08-12-2017, 09:54 PM
I think the developers of the Division need to see what other online RPGs do.
In terms of online RPG, the development of the Division over time is by far the most unstable.

08-13-2017, 07:08 PM
Developers you see statistic onlain?! No? I show you 2,950 in steam( 20-56 in Moscow) , this is not top 100
You know why your game dead? Because we see this "Classified sets from this event are DeadEye, Final Measure, and Lone Star" Who play this sets?! WHO?
I cant see new BOTS\WEAPON\MISSION\SETS\MAPS.....We see only bags\lags and chiters

Thanks Developers! We see very soon more best game, but this is not Division.

08-14-2017, 07:20 PM
Why just give us the 3 sets hardly anyone uses? At least bring the 6 out that were in the PTS. Been waiting for tom and now we have hmmm 3 crap sets (final measure not too bad I suppose).Sick of all the nerfing too. Just make the other sets better. Not sure I'm going to go back to it, we'll see.

11-25-2017, 09:27 AM
Online stack development over time is the most unstable subject.

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