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08-09-2017, 03:31 AM
Just wanted to leave my wishlist Patch Notes for Season 3. Here we go!



Dedicated Observers implemented in P2P Netcode Model.

Dedicated observers will join as ghost observers to each game lobby, keeping a track of the state of the game. In the case of a synchronization failure that would have otherwise resulted in an error code, players will synch to the state of the game kept by the Dedicated Observer. Dedicated Observer will not interfere with game session otherwise.

This Developer's Notes: "Connectivity stability has been an ongoing issue, which will be addressed properly with the introduction of Dedicated Servers. However changing the game engine from P2P simulation model to Dedicated Central Host model is a huge undertaking which will take at least 2 more season of hard work. Until then we decided to implement Dedicated Observers into our P2P Netcode as a placeholder that will prevent connectivity related issues."


DUEL - Environmental hazards removed from / replaced with Fire on Duel Maps.

Ledge type instant killing environmental hazards are now blocked with walls and other obstacles on Duel Maps. Other environmental hazards such as Spikes are now replaced with Fire type environmental hazards. Sawmill Blades remains.

This Developer's Notes: "Player's often complaint that duels would end up by losing party running next to an environmental hazard not and not moving away, or a single GB undoing all the progress of battle upto that point. We wanted Duel environment to be the place where skill shines, without taking environmental awareness completely away from the equation."

DOMINION - Soldier Overhaul and Objectives combat value have been reworked.

A and C (non-minion) Objective Zones, will now have combat value for the holder of the zones. These zones will spawn Archer soldiers (three at a time, upto nine maximum) for their owner that will target B Zone. When a team captures A or C, opposing team will start spawning Captains (at their base) that will head for the Objective Zone that can kill archer minions and turn that zone to neutral if not stopped.

Soldiers at B Zone will not come too close to their ally soldiers anymore and will stay more widespread.

This Developer's Notes: "Dominion is a siege mode, where each objective is supposed to have a critical value for the team that is holding it. However that strategic value never made into the game. We wanted to add this value in the form of archer soldiers, much like in the story mode. Moreover Skirmish-like roaming teams have become way too dominant a strategy in Dominion, so we wanted to implement aspect of Captains to reinforce the importance of protecting objectives as opposed to leaving them unprotected to roam with full team. This change will make defending your archers an equally valuable tactic vs possibility of roaming with your full team.

On the aspect of Zone B soldiers, we wanted them to be more than free score/heal sources that are mowed down in a few zone attacks and to actually have a value when gathered in large numbers. By making them stay widespread, the players who has minion advantage will be able to take shelter among their own soldier crowd vs opponents, benefitting from them getting in the way of opponent as well chipping away at them."


In Match Settings Player will have the option to change AI level.

This Developer's Notes: "Playerbase got too strong vs lvl 2 bots, and our lvl 2 bots started to complain and demand nerf on player skill. At the same time our lvl3 bots have been complaining about queue times. So we decided to make this change."


Chip Damage is added.

Chip damage will not be %18 across the board, but will be applied based on attack speed.
400ms attacks : %8 Chip Damage.
500ms attacks : %10 Chip Damage.
600ms attacks : %18 Chip Damage.
700-900ms attacks : %25 Chip Damage.
1000+ms attacks : %33 Chip Damage.

Further below changes to Chip Damage implemented
* Chip Damage can kill an opponent that is locked onto you. Chip Damage will not kill an opponent locked onto someone else.
* Chip Damage received is halved for external attacks in 1vX situations.

This Developer's Notes: "Chip Damage was a component that has been asked by the community for a while, however it was hard to balance it across the board of various attacks and in various game modes. By separating the way Chip Damage is calculated based on attack speed we wanted to ensure a more balanced approach, which will also allow us to adjust them separately later if needed. Same goes for separation of Chip Damage behaviour in 1v1 and 1vX combat situations to make it fair for all game modes."

Out of Stamina (OOS) Changes have been implemented.

OOS changes have been brought into the game to make stamina as a very valuable aggression currency that is also a risk of double edged sword. OOS will still allow for Parry but not the free follow up (see below for Parry changes).

This Developer's Notes: "Main problem with turtle meta was that no one wanted to attack. We feared with defensive meta changes we might make attacking way too much appealing, so we wanted to ensure that it has a limit and danger of its own. Being OOS will pose significantly more danger with OOS changes, but we will also ensure with character balance changes that stamina is a currency that is used by offender, not drain away by the offender."

Parry Changes are implemented.

Parry will no longer grant a free GB, nor a free Light Attack anymore. Each character will have a new Parry specific move added to their MoveSets;
- Parry > Light Attack (Combo Starter)

Attack following a successful parry will be a unique light attack that ignores regular class properties (such as Oroichi/Warden/Shinobi guaranteed second Light Attack), but will instead function as a combo starter that can be followed by any combo's second move.

This Developer's Notes: "Parry was the core of turtle meta. We wanted to address it in a way that it functions as the tool that stops the incoming aggression and move the momentum to the other side without giving any specific class to get too much benefit out of it."


Blocked Top Heavy Stagger Effect added.

Berserker's Top Heavy will now stagger opponent when blocked in the same way parry functions (allowing for a combo starter light attack).
This effect will NOT occur on targets locked onto someone else.

This Developer's Notes: "Berserker has been suffering from not having an opener move since beta stage. Instead of giving a direct unblockable opener move, we decided to give him a tool for more mind games and longer aggression duration."

Top Heavy can now be charged for an Unblockable Top Heavy.

Kensei can now hold down Heavy Attack for converting into his Unblockable Top Heavy, which will be retain the properties of Top heavy Finisher cancels.

This Developer's Notes: "Similar to Berserker, Kensei often found himself in a spot that prevented him for using his mind game tools effectively, due to his main tool being limited to a combo finisher. We wanted to give him the option for more mind games."

Hurricane Blast can be soft feinted into GB during startup (0-300ms).

Riptide Strike has now Uninterruptable Stance.

Storm Rush can now be controlled for attack direction when charged (800ms+)

Storm Rush, after fully charged for 800ms, will give the option to change attack direction, which will be displayed on opponent screen as a 500ms attack.

This Developer's Notes: "Hurricane Blast cancel have been a constant request from community. At first we were hesitant to introduce another 50/50 into game, however after reconsideration we decided that Oroichi who successfully deflects his opponent and spends the stamina for Hurricane Blast deserves the mind game reward for a GB akin to a deflecting Berserker.

Riptide Strike was meant to be a counter attack move to take a step back and punish a reckless attacker. However we noticed it was not fulfilling its intended purpose especially in the light of how many unblockable melee attacks have been accumulated in the game. We wanted to make it meaningful with Uninterruptable Stance vs melee attacks and reckless regular attack spam.

Storm Rush was one of Oroichi intended openers, however playerbase developed necessary mechanical skills and moveset knowledge to the point to make it almost obsolete. In our mind it was the move you see in movies where two Samurai face each other playing the battle in their minds again and again only to execute it once. However uncontrollable nature of Storm Ruch took that mind game away and turned it into a wait game with guard stance on right, knowing it always comes from there. A charged Storm Rush will now reflect that unpredictable nature. "

Conqueror's Top Heavy is now Unblockable.

Conqueror's Top Heavies can be cancelled into Shield Bash during startup (0-400ms) by pressing GB.

Conqueror can now feint normally.

Conqueror Light Attack Chain is changed to have 500ms for second and onward Light Attacks.

Conqueror does NOT get a free GB after blocking Heavy Attacks anymore. Blocking Heavy Attacks will function as new Parry with light Combo Starter.

This Developer's Notes: "Conqueror's Top Heavy is among the slowest top heavies in the game, along with shortest range, along with the least damage (25). We wanted to give it a property that will actually make it used at times.

One of the main reason we were holding back with Conqueror buffs were his Superior Block on Heavy property granting free GBs. However that only results in gameplay where his opponent does not attack him with Heavies at all. We wanted to give him more offensive power, and tune down his free follow up after blocking heavies. His low Light Attack damage (12 as least in game) will keep him in check, all the while finally giving him some room for offense. "

Imperial Might - Unblockable Charged Heavy Finisher pin stun duration is reduced.

Centurion's Charged Heavies does not pin targets locked onto someone else. They still pin targets that are not locked onto anyone.

Stamina normalized from 170 > 130, still being the highest along with Raider.

Stamina Drain on his skills across the board have been reduced.

Imperial Might Unblockable Charged Heavy Pin now guarantees a Light Attack or Quick Jab, but fully Charged Jab is now reactable after Imperial Might. Regular Charged Heavy Pins still guarantee fully charged Jab.

This Developer's Notes: "Centurion have been a very hot topic for community since his release, especially in 4v4 environment. By removing pin effect from his charged heavies on targets fighting someone else, we will be addressing the issue that comes with 'off-screen charged attacks' leading to stun-locks. In 4v4s, his Charged Heavies was too strong a tool with the tracking, range and stun it chained into 6 second death sentence, whereas being balanced in 1v1 situations.

With the changes coming to OOS, we wanted to ensure Centurion was not an exclusion to the Stamina as Aggression Currency policy. So we normalized his stamina pool to share the most stamina pool along with Legendary Raider.

Imperial Might change is meant to balance risk vs reward Centurion was taking. With Parry changes he only risks getting punished with a light combo starter, but had the potential reward of 65 damage and significant Stamina damage. For an unblockable attack we decided that to be too strong."

Stampede Charge start-up increased to 600ms. Stampede Charge start-up now has Uninterruptable Stance, but does not override incoming attacks anymore.

Stampede Charge after recent changes started to override incoming attacks, and initiate faster than we intended.

This Developer's Notes: "Our intention with Stampede Charge was not to create the behaviour in the Hero Tournament series. This fix will bring him back to his legendary status with less cheese flavour."

- Incoming changes very Soon[TM]

08-09-2017, 03:38 AM
Not bad, actually. Looks like a lot of work went into this.

I'd just like to point out that a zerker top heavy would make a terrible opener, and I think Storm Rush makes a better whiff punish than an opener. The Centurion notes just make sense.