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08-08-2017, 03:21 PM

Dear Operators,

The team compiled some intel of the version update 1.0.20 for you.


Balance Adjustments
New Units
Commander Support Mode
New Gun: FSR-338
New Gun Perks
New Gear Cards
Character Customizations
Minimap Adjustments
Profile Screen and Stats
New languages + Optimizations & Bugfixes + Daily Gold Cards

The version update 1.0.18 (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1721323) sums up everything in a brief text.

08-08-2017, 03:22 PM

Clans are great for meeting other players, comparing strategies, and competing with other clans. If you want to create a clan, simply tap on the Clans button in the PVP Arena Menu. After that you tap the Create Clan Tab where you can choose between different insignia, change your privacy setting, set how many medals are required to join the clan, and input your clan’s name and description.

If you set your clan to private, as leader you’ll need to manually accept any requests for membership in your Character Profile Inbox.

If you ever want to change the insignia, privacy settings, medal count or description later, you can easily do so in the Edit Clan Tab. Only the clan’s name is permanent.


The Roster Tab will help you to see all the players in your clan, as well as their XP Level and their current medal count. If you tap on the character name, you can see more their full profile.

From this profile you can promote, demote, kick or even make the player the new clan leader. Be careful- making someone else the clan leader means you will no longer have leadership privileges.


On the Feed Tab, you can chat with other member players, share tips, and exchange the best loadouts.


Clans will unlock once you reached Arena 3 (600 Medals).

Stay tuned for more clan updates in the future.

08-08-2017, 03:23 PM

We’ve taken two major balance actions for this next update:

Made card levels more powerful
Made player levels more varied

These are big goals, and we hope that we’ve hit close to our target. Let’s break them down:

Making card levels more powerful

We’ve switched from a linear staircased progression model to a non-linear percentage based model. That means where previously the stat growth between levels was always the same, now those gaps between stats get larger and larger.

We believe this is better because the fundamental strategy element of ShadowBreak requires units to have significant advantages over other units. Making higher level units overpower lower level units creates a healthier balance between shooting and strategy, and allows players with talent in either category an opportunity to create powerful, meaningful, and competitive interactions.

Making player levels more varied

Instead of 15 Player XP Levels, we’ve increase the number to 85. Please note- that’s not an increased level cap; we’ve fragmented the levels in such a way that where previously there was one level step there are now six.

This means that the next time you launch ShadowBreak your player level will very likely have gone up. You haven’t lost any max HP or base HP, and in almost all cases you will have gained some. Meanwhile, you’re getting rewarded more often for upgrading cards- you’ll maybe even earn that extra sliver of health that would have turned the game just from your next few upgrades.

We’re hoping that by globally making cards more powerful, and by making rewards for leveling up cards more consistent that we’ll be promoting an environment of more challenge, competition, and experimentation. Since our new update is expanding our support to new countries, we’re also excited to see what a larger and more creative player environment creates for our game.

08-08-2017, 03:26 PM

We’ve deployed several new units to help you in the fight against Shadow Nations factions and to shake up your strategy.


Wraith spawns behind enemy lines to assassinate enemy units with his high power crossbow.
Unlike any other unit, Wraith starts at the enemy base and works backwards down the battlefield.
Wraith does not de-cloak until he’s fired his first shot from his crossbow, and will target the very first unit he comes across. That usually means he’ll shoot (and hopefully kill) the last living enemy unit that deployed in that lane.
Wraith’s health is very low, so once he’s uncloaked and can be targeted he becomes very vulnerable.
If Wraith manages to make it back to an allied base, he’ll re-cloak and leave the battlefield.


Breaker hurls an endless barrage of grenades to deal area damage to crowded lanes.
Breaker advances like any normal ground unit, and only throws grenades when an enemy unit is in range.
Breaker’s grenades deal the same amount of damage to every enemy unit within the blast radius, so the more enemies a grenade hits, the more total damage is dealt.
His grenades do not damage allied units.
Breaker’s grenades are explosive, so they also stagger all enemy units they hit.
Breaker’s grenades do less damage to bases than they do to units.


Caracal’s assault rifle has a grenade attachment he can fire if within range of a base.
Otherwise he will engage enemy ground units like any other normal ground unit.
Because Caracal de-cloaks in midfield, other enemy units that have just passed may not see him.
If he or an enemy unit see each other, they will engage each other until one of them is dead, so it’s best to deploy Caracal when he has a clear route to the enemy base.

D3n-S Drone

Like Rhino, D3n-S Drones don’t engage other enemy ground units. The D3n-S Drone will drive to the lane’s nearest enemy base as quickly as they are able.
Unlike Rhino, enemy units won’t target D3n-S Drones either, making their path a bit easier. This means that only the opposing player can stop a D3n-S Drone from reaching their target.
Players can shoot their own D3n-S Drone to detonate it prematurely, dealing explosive damage to nearby enemy units and staggering them.

08-08-2017, 03:26 PM

Equipping the Commander Support Gear enables Commander Support Mode during PvP Matches. Once in a match, you can activate or deactivate it by tapping on the button next to the deployment bar. Active Commander Support Mode is indicated by a glimmering green frame around both the Commander Support Button and the Deployment Bar.

Commander Support


Commander Support’s next planned deployment is indicated by a small double chevron over the corresponding Unit Card. Similarly, the lane it plans to deploy in is also indicated by a small double chevron under the Lane Toggle button.

Don't forget: Even when Commander Support is on you can always deploy units manually!


08-08-2017, 03:26 PM

A new bolt-action sniper rifle, the FSR-338 comes with the unique Gun Perk Vengeant. Looking for revenge against a player who just shot you? Vengeant lets you deal more damage after respawning!


08-08-2017, 03:27 PM

In addition to the new Gun Perk of the FSR-338, we’ve also swapped out the Perks for three of the existing guns so that no two guns ever have the same Perk. Check them out:


Vampire award the player a percentage of their opponent’s health whenever they kill the opponent.
The health gained can only go up to your current maximum HP.
Vampire can be found on the SVDM Shadow, which unlocks in Arena 5.
The SVDM Shadow’s previous perk was Out of Cover, which now lives exclusively on the Mk 17 PR.

Magic Bullets

Magic Bullet awards the player additional bullets in their magazine whenever they successfully kill the opponent.
This bonus cannot exceed the gun’s current mag capacity.
Magic Bullet can be found on the MR762 Semi, which unlocks in Arena 3.
The MR762 Semi’s previous perk was Final Shot, which now lives exclusively on the TRGM10.

Explosive Rounds

Explosive Rounds award a percentage of damage dealt by a shot that kills a unit as splash damage to other nearby units.
Explosive Rounds do not cascade- if a second unit is killed by an explosion from an explosive round, it does not trigger a second explosive round.
Explosive Rounds can be found on the 750 M1, which unlocks in Arena 4.
The 750 M1’s previous perk was Anti-Personnel, which now lives exclusively on the TAC 338 TITAN.


Vengeant awards an additional percentage of damage for every shot from your first clip after you respawn. It’s a great way to catch up on damage when your opponent is headhunting you!
Vengeant can be found on the new FSR-338, which unlocks in Arena 3.

08-08-2017, 03:27 PM

In addition to Commander Support, we have three new pieces of Gear for players to use:


Automark will mark all enemy units with regular frequency.
This gear is designed to help early players to more easily track the battlefield.
The frequency of the automark effect can be upgraded to become faster.
Automark is Common Gear Card and can be found in crates from Arena 2 and up.

Decoy Glint

Decoy Glint will periodically flash a fake scope glint from a vantage other than yours in order to distract and confuse the enemy sniper commander.
The gear is designed to take pressure off sneaky players who need more time to clear enemy units from the battlefield.
The frequency of Decoy Glint can be upgraded to become faster. A skilled player can memorize the frequency and maximize the advantage gained by the distraction.
Decoy Glint is an Epic Gear Card and can be found in crates from Arena 5 and up.


Medkit regains player health while that player is in cover.
The gear is designed to give players an advantage against opponents with gun incapable on one hit kills, and works best against opponents who can only deal less than half a player’s HP per shot.
The HP refill is not constant- it ticks up at a set frequency. Both the frequency and the health gained can be upgraded.
Time in cover is NOT cumulative- Medkit’s timer will reset every time you pop out of cover. However, the timer does continue while changing vantage which can be very helpful if managed well.

08-08-2017, 03:28 PM

We've added new heads, outfits, and skin tones options for character customization.


08-08-2017, 03:29 PM

After a lot of discussion on the design side, we’ve decided to adjust the symbols for both the minimap and the marking icons. Not only did we aim to make the iconography more consistent, but we wanted to have individual unit function clearer at a glance.

This should help you identifying dangerous units faster and making the right decision in order what to kill and what not.

Unit icons are broken into two main categories: Shape and Texture. Shapes indicate movement, and Textures indicate function.


Circle: Ground Units
Triangle: Elevated Units
Diamond: Flying Units


Solid: Attacks other units.
Dotted: Attacks Bases
Striped: Provides a support function.

Here’s a legend that better visualizes the system:

http://static.cdn.ubi.com/0084/forum//Update1018/Map/MapIcons4_s.jpg (http://static.cdn.ubi.com/0084/forum/Update1018/Map/MapIcons4.jpg)
(Click on the image for full size view)

08-08-2017, 03:29 PM

We’ve added a menu that contains all your player info, Clan info, best stats, and an Inbox for Clan messaging. We’re hoping to add even more personal features to this menu soon!


08-08-2017, 03:34 PM


We have fully localized the game in French & Spanish! Bienvenue and Bienvenido to all our French and Spanish speaking fans!

http://static.cdn.ubi.com/0084/forum/Update1018/Flags/flagIconFrance.png http://static.cdn.ubi.com/0084/forum/Update1018/Flags/flagIconSpain.png

Optimizations & Bugfixes:

We are continuing to fix bugs and optimize your gameplay experience.

Daily Gold Card:

We’ve added a new store item custom made for our most regular players: a daily delivery gold pack! It has x4 the value of the next cheapest pack and we think it’s a sweet deal. Check it out!

Medal Reset:

All Arena 6 medal counts have been reset to 2500. For each medal above 2500, players earned 5 cash!

08-08-2017, 03:35 PM


you're invited to share your opinions and to discuss the new version with the community.
Please use the dedicated feedback thread here on the forums.

http://static.cdn.ubi.com/0084/forum/feedback/DedicatedThread_Beacon01.png (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1721329)