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08-07-2017, 10:40 PM
Hi There,

A special hello and welcome to any new players.

I just wanted to make something clear, especially to the new people playing.

Please do not quit in the middle of a match!

The problem is, that if you quit in the middle of a match, it can and usually does, cause the game to crash.
Also, it applies a 10 minute matchmaking penalty to you.
That means that for 10 minutes after quitting, you can't play any PvP games. You can quit a match within the first 30 seconds without the penalty.
The penalty is to discourage people from quitting mid-game which puts pressure on the way the match is hosted and causes the crash.
Think about it, if you stay in the match, it will probably be over within 8 minutes. If you quit, then you get frozen out for 10 minutes, so it's quicker to stay in the game until the end and then quit and look for a new match.

When the session crashes, nobody get's any XP or rewards for the match, and worse than that you are letting down the rest of your team!
Imagine fighting hard in a Dominion match for several minutes, you just managed to get the other team in breaking, you are about to make a kill...then someone quits and the whole match is cancelled! What a waste of time! Nobody wins when this happens and it's very annoying.

Quite often I've seen a team go from breaking and turn the tables on the other team and go on to win.
So, no matter how bad you think you are doing, or how your team is doing, or how often that Centurion is pounding you into that wall, PLEASE DON'T QUIT!


See you on the battlefield. :D

08-08-2017, 01:34 AM
Thanks for formulating an informative post for potential new players. The eventual migration to dedicated servers should mitigate, if not dissolve, these issues for the future. If disconnects start happening frequently though, we definitely encourage players to contact the support team (support.ubi.com) for assistance. They should be able to offer ways to increase connection stability.