View Full Version : [INFO] Balance Adjustments with Update 1.0.18

08-07-2017, 08:12 PM
We’ve taken two major balance actions for this next update:

Made card levels more powerful
Made player levels more varied

These are big goals, and we hope that we’ve hit close to our target. Let’s break them down:

Making card levels more powerful

We’ve switched from a linear staircased progression model to a non-linear percentage based model. That means where previously the stat growth between levels was always the same, now those gaps between stats get larger and larger.

We believe this is better because the fundamental strategy element of ShadowBreak requires units to have significant advantages over other units. Making higher level units overpower lower level units creates a healthier balance between shooting and strategy, and allows players with talent in either category an opportunity to create powerful, meaningful, and competitive interactions.

Making player levels more varied

Instead of 15 Player XP Levels, we’ve increase the number to 85. Please note- that’s not an increased level cap; we’ve fragmented the levels in such a way that where previously there was one level step there are now six.

This means that the next time you launch ShadowBreak your player level will very likely have gone up. You haven’t lost any max HP or base HP, and in almost all cases you will have gained some. Meanwhile, you’re getting rewarded more often for upgrading cards- you’ll maybe even earn that extra sliver of health that would have turned the game just from your next few upgrades.

We’re hoping that by globally making cards more powerful, and by making rewards for leveling up cards more consistent that we’ll be promoting an environment of more challenge, competition, and experimentation. Since our new update is expanding our support to new countries, we’re also excited to see what a larger and more creative player environment creates for our game.