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08-07-2017, 05:13 PM
So it's no secret that the faction war is... sub par... And I'm sure you guys are looking into ways to change that. So I have a few suggestions.

1. You get an xp boost and perhaps even a small steel bonus if you play characters in your faction. So you will want to pick the faction with your favorite character. This will also give you a better reason to switch factions in between seasons if you want to play a new character.

2. Faction war is a game mode. This would be in the events territory. Different gamemode perhaps every week and in it, you can only pick a character in your faction and there can only be 1 character per team. You will fight a team in another faction with similar structure.

3. The 2 daily orders are faction specific. So you get a significant xp boost on these 2 orders but only for your faction.

4. Instead of just taking territories, you have multiple fronts you can fight in. As you win you push your front forward depending on how good your team does. No manually placing assets. You constantly see your contribution as well as where you place vs everyone else. Plus a top 5 of the people who contributed the most.

5. Players who are inactive for 1 week or more have their accounts "frozen". So that they are not taken into account when managing faction number disparity. If they get back on, nothing crazy happens, they are just added back into the faction pool.

6. Faction rewards are based on how well the faction did the entire season. So even if you don't win the faction war, if you did good overall, you will get rewarded well for it. The winners get a unique elite skin for every character in their faction as well as a different ornament for them and xp and steel. Second place gets an ornament, xp and steel. Third place gets a big fat middle finger. And xp and steel. Mabe a window that says "Atleast you tried...".

I think these would make the faction war more fun and interesting as well as rewarding.

08-07-2017, 06:02 PM
A unique skin for heroes would definitely make me more interested in the faction war, conq main here and ALL ornaments look awful on him so not fussed with ornaments as much, and i love the faction event and wish they did tie in your choice to heroes more, but i just cant see them doing it as it would limit people :/