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08-07-2017, 01:12 PM
Well hello there, I think it's time to introduce myself and officially offer my help in taking down Joseph Seed and his "Cult-munity"

I am Ubi-Salvenius and will be your EMEA Community Manager for Far Cry, which basically means I am your Joseph, kind of.

Along with the already fantastic community team already, I will be right alongside them, listening, watching, interacting, giving your feedback to the teams and most of all giving your works of art (whether it be drawn, painted, written, edited, clipped, streamed or done in such a way that I haven't mentioned) exposure for the world to see.

Please feel free to approach me about things, even if it's simply a question about myself, though do keep in mind that I cannot always give an answer right away regarding certain topics (But I will do my best regardless :) )

So, I guess I should ask....who's with me on taking down Eden's Gate?

08-07-2017, 01:53 PM
Hi :)

08-07-2017, 02:08 PM
Hi Sal,

glad to see more reps here and more interactivity!

08-07-2017, 03:14 PM

I certainly do advocate interaction and hope to not only get your voices heard (to some degree of course) but also to dive into the world of Far Cry and the many communities and creations that have been built due to it.


In a way, yes and no. Essentially each role is described already within their title, so a Community Developer pretty much develops the plans and works alongside the game team, marketing and comes up with strategies. A Community Manager, practically manages; meaning they will look after the day to day communication such as creating news, content and reports and finally the Community Reps, they represent and moderate as well as being awesome.

So really it's like a hierarchy and the Community Manager is the link/bridge, I do like to use the bridge metaphor to explain Community Management because without support (i.e players, fans, Com Reps, moderators etc.) then the bridge collapses and without a bridge, that support cannot get across easily to their destination (i.e providing feedback, opinions, issues. suggestions. Gaining news, info etc.)

08-07-2017, 04:16 PM
Hi Salvenius

I had a few questions before but still unsure if any can be answered at this time.


I also wondered that with far Cry 4 it was possible in coop for one player to fly the buzzer and another to use the grappling hook and hang from the buzzer, so in pictures and video so far we have seen a sea type plane (or one that can land on water) there was also some fighter plane in an image (dogfight pic) and one video showed a helicopter with the Edens Gate symbol on it.

So if we still have the grappling hook in FC5 can one player fly and the other player hang like in FC4 and if that is the case this time will they allow us to shoot a weapon while hanging from the rope (because that would be so cool)

In Far Cry 4 we could not hold a weapon while grappled to a vehicle and dangling from a rope :(

Also were you involved with any of the other projects like Primal or are you a Far Cry virgin ? (did you play any of the previous games)

Just wondered are you more into discussing Single Player or anything and everything - Thanks

08-07-2017, 04:37 PM
Introduce yourself they said, they won't hit you hard they said :rolleyes:

Hehe, so far I can only say, keep a lookout for more information coming your way soon. I know it's not the answer you are wanting and I certainly know how anxious you are for information and news and I appreciate that because it shows desire to get hands on with the game; however some things can't be divulged or might be planned to be revealed at a later date but worry not, things will be passed on and once I can confirm that I can pass it back to you then it will be posted.

As to my "virginity"...well I didn't know we were getting so personal on the first date ;) Sadly I have not worked on previous Far Cry titles (though this isn't the first time I have been in the games industry), so you can imagine how excited I am to be on this one, however I am certainly not a virgin to the series. I have played Far Cry 2 (but sadly not completed due to a bug) and I have also played 3 & 4. I am planning to do a complete run from 1-Primal pretty soon though.

08-07-2017, 05:30 PM
Is that project just for personal entertainment or also to add more Far Cry experience into your curriculum?

A little of column A and a little of column B. Since I have been lurking in here for a week or so, I have noticed that this community has a slight divide when it comes to Far Cry 2 and the latest games in the series, which is entirely understandable, so replaying them gives me a good chance to understand things a bit more . I love Far Cry so I have no complaints to playing the games for personal entertainment, though 3 & 4 I have only really played when a friend was around for the co-op goodness, so jumping in solo will give a different experience in a sense (Especially after seeing Hortys throw up a challenge he accepted ;) )

Gaining more knowledge is never a bad thing either, also allows me to participate in discussions rather than just being on the sideline

Just wondered are you more into discussing Single Player or anything and everything - Thanks

Just saw this edit :P More so single-player since I haven't fully jumped into multi-player (Except co-op and a few matches here and there back when FC3 released) but we can discuss anything & everything here, think of this as a "Get to know Salv" topic but again, if it concerns FC5 then please understand I can't divulge information at this time but no doubt you may see my personal thoughts being scattered across the forums ;)

Hello Salvenius,

You sound like a straight talking guy which is great and good to see more interaction on the forums from Ubi representatives.

I'm hoping you have played Far Cry 2 in its entirety as a lot of discussion compares that game to every other title. If not, that's fine and look forward to your input.

Glad to see that has already come across even through text! In a nut shell I prefer life to be drama-free and as less hassle as possible, which does mean I am pretty honest and will speak my mind (In a respectful, polite and civil manner of course) I do try to provide as much info as possible but only so much can be done until given the go ahead from upper management.

In other words, my main priority and I am sure this goes for the others within the community team as well, is I am here for you, any issues, feedback, suggestions...lay them on us, we can't promise anything but we sure will try.

As to Far Cry 2, I have played it though I admit it was awhile ago, so things are fuzzy but as I mentioned above, I know it is a hot topic among the Far Cry communities and I will be playing it soon, well actually now that I have Internet in my place now (Only got it installed Saturday) I have installed the first two Far Cry's and will be installing FC4 for the Map Jam entries too.

So yeah....already not looking forward to the weapon jamming moments XD

08-07-2017, 09:01 PM
Introduce yourself they said, they won't hit you hard they said :rolleyes:

We don't bite.

Thanks for been up front and honest in your replies, it is good that there is communication, with Far Cry 4 that was lacking so this for the community is great cheers.

08-08-2017, 10:19 AM
We don't bite.

Thanks for been up front and honest in your replies, it is good that there is communication, with Far Cry 4 that was lacking so this for the community is great cheers.

No need to thank me, thank my parents :P

One thing you will notice with me is that I do like to interact, I wouldn't be in community management otherwise

In your walk-through you will surely notice why that's the case. Just some examples that make Far Cry 2 stand out:

• In-game physical map
• No outpost clearance animation

How annoying is to be completely removed from the first-person perspective and being presented with a full-screen navigation system.
And i can't really see how hard it is to give the player an option to have those guard post animations removed.
These things break the immersion and keep reminding the person that he or she is in fact playing a videogame.

Different strokes for different folks :)

By this I mean that I, myself can tolerate things more than the usual person, such as I love stealth and to play the waiting game, whereas a friend of mine hates that and runs in guns-blazing (Which by the way can make for some great recorded content when he runs to his timely and bullet fueled death XD) but that doesn't mean your voice will be discarded, feedback is a combination of both positive and negative, all we ask is that it is given in a civil manner and that all opinions are respected.

As long as that occurs, we'll get on just fine....well unless you fail the Tea or Coffee question....then we may have a problem :cool:

08-08-2017, 02:31 PM
That was one of the things I loved about FC2 the weapon jamming, had that been in multiplayer it would have made things so much more interesting, someone who might have better weapons and be a better skill could get a jam and a player maybe with not so great a weapon or skill level would get a better chance to take them down.

The idea was mentioned about a cleaning kit to look after weapons so the fool who didn't clean them often would be the one on the floor when they got a jam - I liked that idea shame FC2 was the only game in the series with jamming guns.

08-08-2017, 08:12 PM
Welcome Sal:

I liked FC2 quite a bit and enjoyed exploring that world. FC3 as a little bit better exploring-wise and FC4 is even better, with a mission thrown in here and there. Enjoyed the buzzer's quite a bit! Which should also be in FC5, IMHO. I mean the only helos we see in our neck-o-da-woods are U.S. Forestry, helo-loggers and the Air Force, as they have a Survival Camp S of us about 40 or so miles. There aren't any private helos, as the FC5 game indicates may be a vehicle; we also have buzzers in my area though as they are a good hobby for one just into flying. More attainable than a Cessna is.

In addition the one thing I've never seen on the river we live beside, ever, is a float plane. Those are more common in Alaska, perhaps Canada as well and Seattle.