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08-07-2017, 11:52 AM
I know this might be weird suggestion but can there be a game mode where players fight Level 3 only bots?

It gets really annoying when one bot is level 3, and the rest are level 2-1 and the Level 3 uses Feats while the rest don't. The level 3 bots also play better than most players fighting a level 3 warlord who is keeping me on my toes feinting and catching me off guard while at the same time fast enough to parry my attack is very fun and thrilling and then you have the Rep 20 something Warlord who refuses to fight anywhere but the ledge because in his mind his character is only good at doing that.

That and it feels like i have to pull my punches in Player vs Player because if you stomp them too hard someone on the opposing side will leave and crash the game. I'm not sure how everyone else connection Xbox is, but the majority of my disconnects is because of this and my only solution is to just play Player vs Player when i really crave it or if i have to like for example the new Event Realistic Elimination, I only played it because the order told me so and my OCD forced me to play it, that and a bit of curiousity.

And what do you know, the match starts the Beserker I'm paired with just bolts, not really getting anywhere since we have the same speed and while she's running all her teammates die, she's the last one left, gets 1v4, puts up a fight and dies before Revenge is even a factor, spams Wow and leaves, crashing the game. I managed to win 3 games and complete the order but it wasn't fun.

In conclusion, I think fighting bots who (for the most part) know your Hero better than you do, will open players eyes. I know I've seen level 3 Lawbringers and Wardens do some crazy ****. Fighting an enemy who knows how to fight back and defend efficiently forces you think outside the the box and discover new ways to approach a fight. I want more thrilling, chest pounding scraps in this game, fighting against salty players who do the same combo and motion over and over again isn't scratching that itch.

*Btw whomever made the Level 3 Centurion and Shinobi,bots thanks, they just randomly appear in my games sometimes and destroy my Nobushi. Looking forward to the Lvl 3 Highlanders and Gladiators.* :)

08-07-2017, 12:13 PM
This exactly sums up my own thoughts on this matter. I would very much welcomed the bots level 3 in PvE matches because those under the level 3 are just boring and easy to kill. Bots level 3 are a challange and they would certainly live up the matches. Could you lower the conditions in matches so they would appear more often. Or give us something like advanced PvE matches with level 33 bots in it only? Looking forward to new heroes as well and practising against them as lvl 3 bots would be very welcomed. (And getting exps for that as well) Sure we can fight in the custum mode, but there are no rewards sadly. So will you give it some thoughts? Please. THX

08-07-2017, 04:30 PM
100% support this. There should be, at least, an option to select the BOT difficult in all PvE modes:

* casual: mix of lvl1 and lvl2 bots as we have now, but no random lvl3 (so new players can train here);
* advanced: lvl3 bots only (so experienced players that don't want to deal with connection problems, gank squad etc play here)

08-07-2017, 05:03 PM
I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way about the game. Also realized that with frequent crashes, it stop War Assets from funneling into key points on the map. So when you play Player vs Player you run the risk of losing out on War Assets that stop not only you but 6 other people from contributing to the War. Being a hidden factor in deciding who wins what.

So now not only do you have to worry about what time of day the round ends also how much war assets was missed out Faction due to the insane amount of crashes.
(But that's only if you care about the Faction War though).

08-07-2017, 05:32 PM
I couldnt agree more. Sadly I feel changes that will help us xbox users will take to long. I've decided to play alittle longer to get 60k (I'm at around 50k) steel for the next 2 seasons heroes and put the game up til the changes actually arrive. I dont see it happening soon enough for us. So I'm moving on and hope things get better down the road.