View Full Version : Unplayable on xbox

08-07-2017, 05:59 AM
Is connection getting worse I complete maybe 10% of my matches the past few days this is ridiculous

08-07-2017, 06:13 AM
My connection has improved. Had a weird total disconnect earlier. 00000005 or something like that.

Kickes me back to start screen.

08-07-2017, 07:23 AM
I have noticed the disconnection rates have been a lot higher lately; it has been really annoying that for some reason a person leaving or not being able to sync up with the rest of the lobby causes everyone to disconnect because of one person. We all put up with it but playing the game and mostly near the end of the match they leave/disconnect/rage quit and then not getting anything just because of one person. I don't mind the disconnections as long as the lobby crashes right at the first 2 minutes of the match but disconnecting near the end or right at the end is really annoying.

Also I feel as if the rage quit penalty on the Xbox isn't temporarily fixing the disconnection rates either. We all know that players who rage quit don't quit the honest way; they either pull the Ethernet cord or quit the game by opening the Xbox one guide then quitting the game I've tested this to see if they got punished for this but they don't. They get away with it and even if we have honest rage quitters a 10 minute suspension isn't as punishing as R6's team killing ban where they keep adding more time to their punishment the more they keep team killing.

I'm not saying they should add more time but t I don't know maybe they lose rep xp or rep levels because they chose quit the match.; Or the next match the play they don't get rewards or xp until after. Like they quit the first match they still get the 10 minute suspension but also don't get any type of rewards on the second match until the third match; and they can't avoid it at all they have to play one match without any rewards at the end of it. By avoid I mean that they just choose to play hours later after they got suspended they still owe a match with no rewards.(Just an idea)

Or an improvement on that time suspension to make the rage quitters not want to quit anymore.

I know they raged too because they spam: Sorry, Good Fight then they get replaced by a bot and then the lobby crashes. I don't understand how the game know when they rage quit on Pc and Ps4 but not on the Xbox one.

08-07-2017, 08:44 AM
^ The penalty doesnt work in the first place. Theres many ways to bypass it on xbox. Not just one. Its why its worse. Players are bypassing it to keep good stats. All I see happening is bandaid on top of bandaid attempts trying to get this p2p to work. I feel after all these months Dedicated is the only solution now. Sadly it will probly take too long. I'm saving 60k steel for the season 3 and 4 heroes and putting the game up til Dedicated Servers come. I'm done playing vs AI all the time waiting for needed changes to stability on the pvp side that probly wont come in this games life time on xbox.

I've tried to stick with it and had enough patience. But now. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.. I dont play pvp because the disconnects are so common its just not fun for me and Ive been stuck fighting boring lvl 2 bots for months in my AI games. Its boring to know all you have to do is stand by a ledge and gb throw to win vs bots lvl 1 and 2s... I've had about all I can take with this game.

I can deal with bugs here and there and matchmaking issues to a point. But one thing I'll never be ok with is months of constant game crashing. Its time for new and brighter things. Think I took that step up on the I'm done train. See you all in a few seasons, maybe..... It was great meeting some of you. Hope I'll one day see you all on the battlefield....

Cheers and keep fighting the fight Knights!!!!