View Full Version : Eliminating MP From the FC4 Editor Was Brilliant...

08-06-2017, 04:21 PM
... due to the single player options it provided. Thanks to the single player/AI focused game modes used for the FC4 editor, FC4 now has the option to provide unlimited playable content- forever. Games like FC2, while great, are (I'm assuming) so dead by now, that getting a MP match on there is most likely impossible. Utilizing it's map editor is therefore pointless. But we could flash forward 20 years from now, with the release of Farcry 34 and still be able to go back to FC4, make a map, plot AI down, and play it as though it was fresh.

Don't get me wrong, I want multiplayer to return, however it's not often that I see anyone stick up for the FC4 map editor gameplay model, a model that I think was an absolute stroke of brilliance. I hope we can see it, and multiplayer BOTH return in Farcry 5, that way one day when FC5 is an old game, the servers are dead, and the MP unpopulated, you can still hop on and make some rad maps, and use the inclusion of AI and single player game modes to play the game as if it was new again.

08-06-2017, 07:26 PM
I agree and disagree.

Far Cry has changed each multiplayer so much that in the past it was hard to like the new one if you loved the old one, Losing the Hosting Lobby / Options / Servers didn't help.
There are still people playing FC2 on XB360 & PS3 and if it was backwards compatible on XB1 or if Far Cry Instincts Predator was also BC on XB1 I would be playing them now.

FC4 single player maps are ok but the A.I. is pretty dumb, it is excellent the way it has moved forwards so lets hope it keeps on moving forward with new things, one option could be a single player map where people could join online and take over one of the A.I. slots.

So say you place 40 A.I. in your map you could have people pop in and out if its open in MP so you would be playing solo or coop and anyone could jump into your game, if no one joins then you still play with the A.I. (unsure what you would think about that)

I think if they deliver a solid multiplayer then those on XB1 who snubbed Far Cry 4 will return and it will really take off again and be popular, I would guess that from all those who I know from the previous games there would be less than 5% who would pick single player maps over MP maps but maybe FC5 will offer further advances.

Like I said I totally think there is a market for both but honestly if FC5 delivers a good MP you might be shocked at how popular it is over SP maps.

08-07-2017, 10:18 PM
I would say it's a Brilliant move if Far Cry 5 has both Single player and Multiplayer player custom maps.

Anorexic Budda is right there is still a sizable following for PvP Multiplayer custom maps. I believe there is over 10k people who signed a list just to get FC2 backwards compatible on XB1. A couple thousand for FCIP and that game is 10 years old. A large percentage of the voters have stated they want to play and make custom maps.

08-10-2017, 04:47 PM
Yeah I gave a bad rap for FAR CRY 4

To be honest with the game been old / cheap it is a good option to play around with the map editor before Far Cry 5 releases, the FC4 editor is different from the FC3 one (more so on consoles)
There are always similarities in the way we do things but some features change and some we gain or lose - I am expecting the same with Far Cry 5 (I hope we get changes)

So with FC2 on Console we had the Snap Feature, FC3 had Search for Items FC4 has neither of those, there are issues with the camera and also auto scroll but still if they keep a similar format with how the rotation wheel works on console and similar menus it would be beneficial to keep fresh by playing around in the FC4 editor - for PC things are always similar and easier to go from one to another.

I tried FC3 editor recently and really struggled because of using the triggers to place objects - what were they thinking.

08-24-2017, 02:26 AM
I thought we all wanted the same thing a good multiplayer map editor ? NOW IS THE TIME TO DIG IN ....... and squash this BS losers motives for making " the perfect single player sandbox game " JEEESUS please no more talk of a good single player game and by the way feel free to shun this *******

08-24-2017, 10:53 AM
I'm totally hyped for making MP maps again, just really really hoping we have the lobby system everyone keeps asking for so that we can actually host a playlist of all our maps and people can join and leave as they want, voting options for players to skip map, host options as was in FC2 and hopefully the Dedicated Server option returns so map makers can host their maps and spectate as in FC2 to watch how gameplay/flow is working through their maps - it takes around 1,000 plays to really find out if you have balanced your map perfectly.

The dedicated server and spectator mode were awesome for watching map flow. i watched from above to see where i needed to fix or change things. the guy who created the far cry 2 hosting options is a godlike figure for us hardcore mappers lol. please employ him for fc5.