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08-06-2017, 05:45 AM
So on top of being frusterated with getting dropped from matches ALL THE TIME, I find it quite aggravating to be dropped from matches when I have purchased Champion status. Just today out of the many matches I have been dropped from 2 of them were at victory, I have had to play in 10 matches so far to get my 6 event eleimanation matches and I still have 1 to go, so I guess it will be 11 at minimum
So let me throw this out there, what if affter the 30 sec delay on the leaving penalty the "quit to world map" option was removed, like it is during Character selection and the face off. That is if people leaving really is the problem, I did everything suggested for my Xbox settings and configurations to my modem (something I have never had to do for any other MMO).
I find it kinda funny ( not funny haha, funny ****ed-up) that I find myself aggressively saying obscenities to this game when I feel it is the best PvP MMO I have played. It's to the point of being a time waster, and granted video games are already time wasters, but to waste time that can be afforded to waste is a travesty.
I have seen many games fade into the abyss because of flaws, Age of Conan was an awesome MMO, but they never gave it enough content to keep players interested.
If my suggestion isn't the one please find one that is.

08-06-2017, 10:09 AM
My opinion on xp boost thing they should make it per finished game like you buy xp bost for 10 games lets say if you dont finish the game (ghet rewards) coz of error/black screen etc then you still have 10/10 or 8/10 going by completed and finished matches that way people wold be ok with the xp boost coz as it is i find it useles if i buy it for 3 days and i can only play 3 hours a day what is the point of wasting steel on it ?

a friend got the 65000 steel 1 year xp boost and he stoped playing the game 2 months ago....