View Full Version : Enable enemy dialogue on your character?

08-05-2017, 03:41 PM
Hello people!

While playing the game, I noticed how the enemy players had emote sounds that sounded very different and more varied then the standard emote dialogue you hear yourself.

Example: The Raider's "Want this?" emote:
If you're playing as him and play the emote, he just does a boring laugh-like roar. But if an enemy raider activates the emote, he either roars, grunts, or screams something in Icelandic. Sounds much better huh?

The question I'm asking is:
Ubisofy, could it be a possibility that in a future patch, you will add an option in the audio menu to enable enemy dialogue on your character?

It would add a lot more variety to the game, and that's good in my opinion.