View Full Version : Lounging Mechanic Stupidity

08-04-2017, 08:23 PM
Is there going to be any work done on Guard Breaks that lounge 4 feet or berserker's tracking side dodge light combo opener. I can sort of understand centurion's lounges to some extent, though i expect them to be nerfed for obvious reasons but other characters gliding across the floor for a GB or berserker being able to connect a dodge light on a backward dodging opponent seems silly

08-05-2017, 01:02 AM
The gliding across the floor is a move designed to give assassin characters an advantage because they have lower health, no fixed guard stance, and limited guard timing. They're meant to be agile and differ from the competition, making other characters be more cognizant of their attacks. The lunge into guard break can be done with any character, unless you're talking about how the centurion can guard break from outside the standard required distance and somehow be teleported right to you, in which case yeah, it needs work.