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08-04-2017, 04:08 PM
So I just have to get this of my chest I personally think the story of AC Revelations while not being entirely bad at all really it's kinda funny, Yusuf is a good character to be around with like Sofia and Ezio... The ending was great one of the best endings I have ever seen! still to this date I think the ending is amazing after the release in 2011!

My problems with the story begin now: Desmond is in coma and Lucy is dead instead showing how Rebecca and Shaun meet up with William is done of screen, Desmond enters the Animus and we here subject 16 narrate what happened in the last games but he says things like that Desmonds brain can't get the memories straight anymore and they clash a bit like we say but we never see this OURSELF in the game... He arrives at the Animus Island and meets Subject 16 after that.


Instead of asking logical questions like ''He 16 why did you put those glyphs here and there? why did you show me Adam and Eve and what was that confersation over find Eve, the key her DNA? would you like to explain me?'' I know that ''this'' Subject 16 is an AI recreation or something like that but for an AI that is so human did they even bother giving him that much story? well NO Desmond doesn't ask things and for a game named Revelations there should be I don't know an REVELATION over Subject 16 himself. He could've just made things hard for us maybe to give us the answers in a few puzzles that solves that storyline better.
We are locked on a island with an AI created on somebody who commited suicide to leave things behind for you I remind you.
You can say ''but Josh you have the DLC we know it's stupid'' YES that has answered things for me but not those that DESMONDy literally had to do puzzles for and find them in the simulations.

Before going in on Ezio's story we have to talk about Desmonds Journey:
Desmond goes on his little adventures in the Animus for his own mind which are ****ty platforming levels that only give him background which in my opinion should've been done in Brotherhood to but he atleast wo got to know more about him ONE game before he died... After 5 games he hardly developed...
So yeah I could go on why I hate the Modern Day part in this game and the worst is it could've been really cool but now let's move on to Ezio Auditore.

Ezio I like he is one of my favorite playable main protagonists of all time but his character model looked really different
I don't know what it is he aged so sexy in the first two games and now he is so old with... A different skull? I swear has head is different I can look at Embers and think ''that is Ezio'' but Revelations not that much I do see a few similarities good enough but... WTF his skull is so different in my eyes I can't keep my eyes of it 0_0.

He sees Altair's ghost which never comes back again and we really should talk about Eagle Vision more often in the story itself if you ask me. The Temples get retconned to one temple and we move to our explorable city. The only real characters you interact with are either the villians or just Yusuf, Sofia and the Prince but they don't get enough time because the story is to short and there is hardly any side activity in the city.

Altair's parts were really nice though not much to complain but the Templars were forgetable beside the fat one and the evil Uncle... The story is just poorly pasted and so short.

Gameplay wasn't that good in this game if you ask me but it has amazing soundtrack. Look I don't hate this game but it could've been much better but it was made in 10 months what is to expect

08-04-2017, 07:06 PM
The stories in games (books and movies) always leave parts that need the person following the narrative to fill in the blanks or to find some reason as to why something has been done... or not done, sometimes it really depends on the viewer/ reader to find something (regardless of how unbelievable) in order to make sense of a plot hole and so I guess it is down to individuals imagination. (Probably why I don't pay any attention to story lines and cut scenes ;) )

As for Revelations, I love Revelations, it's the AC game I have replayed the most... (although I have spent much more time in AC4 and Unity) and I don't replay many games, only ones with good gameplay.

It is not the shortest AC game according to how long to beat web site.....

AC1 averaged 31 hours for 100% completionist
AC2 35
Brotherhood (which seemed like an expansion for ac2 was actually) 42
Revelations 36

AC2 was a great game, I hate AC2 I'd rather bite my hands off than play it again :D but it doesn't mean it is any less than great. I think we judge games (at least I do) on how enjoyable they are.
I accept that no game is written just for me, so if I find a game that I enjoy 80% of it or more I think that is amazing.

I think that is what happens with everyone, we hope we will like 100% of everything a game has, but we find we like 80% and we are not bothered about 15% and 5% we don't like (it is in there for some other players who like it) but.... that 80% of the game we do like can then be affected by things that frustrate us..... like spending hours searching for collectables or doing something over and over hundreds of times to get a stupid achievement.... or the story not going the way we want, or characters we don't care about or things that don't seem right.

Frustration is the factor that makes great things into something average or worse. For me, there is a lot less chance of that happening because, I don't bother with story, characters, achievements or collectables (unless they are money or xp or better weapons :) ) so only gameplay counts to me. But obviously, my hours and hours of frustration caused by the failure of completing the timed lever tombs in AC2 makes me hate AC2.... even though it is a great game.

08-04-2017, 08:13 PM
Interesting thing about ACR is that it's probably one of the most interesting concepts for a setting in all of AC. I think the city is really cool (though I wasn't a fan of how the river was handled) and it has a ton of personality. Really, for me at least, the game is incredibly immersive, far more than any other AC.

That being said, I totally agree that the historical figures and events felt rushed and sparse. The whole Sulemain storyline was just poorly handled, in my opinion.

On the other hand, the game tackled the Assassin v Templar conflict better than any other game in the Ezio trilogy. Having the Templars portrayed as Byzantines and the Jannisaries working as a non-Templar city guard was a stroke of brilliance. I loved the Templar agents, and believe it or not, I actually really liked the Den capture/defense system. The whole city felt ensnared in this game of cat and mouse between the Assassins and the Templars, and that was cool.

Seriously, the hate for the den defense thing is stupid. People need to get off the bandwagon about it, already.

My other big criticism about the game is that the city, while great and immersive, just felt a little too big in some areas, particularly the southwest corner. But big cities are kind of a general problem for the series.

I do think that the "special areas" (Masyaf, Cappadocia, etc) stand out like crazy. Absolutely love them.

And I don't really hate the tombs, either. They're not as hard as the AC2 ones, but they're much more visually interesting and exciting, at least.

08-05-2017, 01:06 PM
I actually asked Darby McDevitt about the handling of Subject 16 in ACR. Apparently the script for ACB was not yet complete when he was tasked with writing ACR, that's why 16's character was so inconsistent. Bear in mind this is when the switchover to annual releases happened and they weren't so adept at planning ahead yet.

08-07-2017, 10:33 AM
I actually asked Darby McDevitt about the handling of Subject 16 in ACR. Apparently the script for ACB was not yet complete when he was tasked with writing ACR, that's why 16's character was so inconsistent. Bear in mind this is when the switchover to annual releases happened and they weren't so adept at planning ahead yet.

Darby's a great writer anyway, but it's for this specific reason that I've got mad respect for him. Wrestling a semi-coherent story out of the absolute hot mess that was AC Canon circa 2011 and making it one of the best in the franchise was no simple task.

But I have a huge soft spot for Revelations anyway, so much so that I'm somewhat blinded to its faults. Aside from the story, which delivered some of the most powerfully emotional scenes in the franchise, I just absolutely adore the free-running in Constantinople, and the combat is unquestionably the best in the Ezio games. And it was made in just ten months... ACR was a scrappy little underdog that had every right to suck, but then it didn't, and I love it all the more for it.