View Full Version : wishlist for grow up 2

08-04-2017, 04:57 AM
fast travel from satellite view. - should have probably made it in this game

projectile / retractable hands for long range grabs.

i wish it was possible to procedurally generate the world and then drop in your hand crafted challenges

an underwater suit with underwater caves.

vehicles to extract parts of mom from caves / underwater caves for the satellite to pick up.

opposition. it would have been nice to have used plants as defense at times. which would have made collecting plants more exciting. or even a 'boss' in every biome that protects a piece of mom.

ridable wildlife (not necessarily essential, but could be a smart way to gain circumstantial mobility before the player gets the mobility upgrades 'best' a challenge by riding a "dolphin" around for added precision of movement in the water or something)

loved grow up!! progression was good, and the slow start made the upgrades feel very rewarding. i'm not a fan of having to best all of the challenges to attain gameplay functional perks, but i see why it was necessary here. my 4 year old plays it and has a blast!! i got 100% of the achievements on xbox and only had 2 complaints, no fast travel from the world view (it made the fast travel system tedious), and the ending was flat (which is not a huge deal, i just expected, at least, a cut scene of the ship headed out into space followed by the credits and the option to start over or continue to explore). great work!! I hope it made enough money to justify a sequal. it is also notworthy that i would have never bought that game without playing it. i got it free with gold, or whatever. but now that i've played it and love it, i would pay for the second one, provided it had new features that looked appealing.