View Full Version : Heavy Metal Rage over LParry & GBParry not making it!!!

08-03-2017, 10:04 PM
Watched the Livestream a bit late but was rather excited for it. It was good until their was a lack of a MUST needed feature in Live.

The Light Parry Punish and the Parry GB punish were two things that really made the Turtle Meta a ****ing Snapping Turtle.

Extremely bad call, i was looking forward to a fresh new take on the game, something that gave turtle scrubs less bite.

So now we are expected just as in Live to come across some asshat in S3 that stands their looking at you, gets a parry and GB punishes you then goes back in his shell!

That feature alone nerfed the turtle meta!

I am very disappointed....

08-03-2017, 10:33 PM
They were not stating the other ptr changes were not coming to live ever. merely that in the next patch that's dropping they would not be in there.
This leads me to believe that the ptr changes are indeed coming. and that they just wanted to properly review the data from the ptr a bit longer to see if any adjustments need to be made before pushing it to live.

I do wish that all the ptr changes would drop at start of season 3 like you. But as long as they come out pretty soon after season 3 drops the damage will be minimal. But if we have to wait near mid to end of season 3 to get them it's going to hurt the game even more than season 2 did. Thankfully I don't believe the developers will let that happen. They seem to fully understand how bad season 2 was. and they seem to be fully committed to be showing their support for their game with season 3.

08-03-2017, 11:58 PM
We'll be introducing parts of the PT changes at the start of S3, but in regards to parry - we got a ton of conflicting feedback on that and we need some more time to sift through and analyze the data to make sure we're: 1) making the right choices for release, 2) looking for better ways to improve on what we already had.

We will be introducing the other PT changes at some point, but the start of S3 is basically in 2 weeks and we need a bit more time. We don't want to rush into releasing something that's not fully thought out, and we want to make sure that what when it is released, it is the best possible solution for the circumstances that we can achieve.

08-04-2017, 11:24 PM
The problem is as Noty said, parry has been very controversial, I have seen all kinds of threads saying this is the best thing that could have happened and that this is the worst thing that could have happened. Honestly I think a lot of the protest has come from people who are more invested in the turtle meta, but when you are making large scale changes you want to get it right or as right as you can first time.

I hope the parry stuff does come soon myself, the gb after parry is the biggest reason the turtle meta exists and the reason watching high level duels are so boring. Given there was little news last time around I likely won't watch the premiere because of it, at least unless I know they are doing a dominion type thing again, I might tune in for that.