View Full Version : I blame the FOR HONOR team for its current state.

08-03-2017, 01:25 PM
Everything for honor is today is the result of the decisions the team made when they made and implemented the game. From the game mechanics, hero creation and unfair fighting rewards. what i mean is. we have the concept of free guaranteed hits. Building heros on the concept of unfair fighting techq. And enviroment hazards plus the renown for these methods is more rewarding than the honorable way. wich most of us failed to see early on because of the game title. this is just my feedback from my point of view. i could be wrong 100%
but i have to share it non theless. dont get me wrong, i love the game when i first saw it and still do. but we have to be honest about what caused all the problems we have now, not the player base. but the way the game was design. it was gonna happen sooner or later. if thegame was different at its core. then we would have gotten a different experince and playstyle.

08-03-2017, 01:34 PM
Free hits?? nothing this game is free. There is a build up that lead to a free hit and the build ups can be avoided.

Agree with you on unfair fighting techq though.

08-03-2017, 03:27 PM
Yhea man. These devs are incompetent. It is known.