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08-01-2017, 03:08 AM
1) Parry

I really don't like the new light parry system.

A lot of chars NEED the actual light parry reward to use some of their moves. For instance, with this new meta, the Lawbringer unblockable after parry, shinobi's cycle rain and peacekeeper heavys never goes trough ...
I'm aware that at very high-level gameplay every light is parried with ease regardless of how ambiguous you are with heavys or light and feints, but this is only true for these 1% players at that level. At any lower level than that, parrying consistently every move can be very challenging, not only because of the light speed but also because of how ambiguous some players can be.

In the other hand parrying an heavy being less rewarding is great imo.

Since heavys are easy to parry, this change makes heavys less scary to perform. Also, it makes assassin deflects finally useful to perform. Plus, considering the out of stamina changes, the simple stamina punish of it is enoughto make it worth it.

My idea to make it better: keep the actual light parry reward but remove the stamina punish on it. Doing so would allow light parry at very high level to be a bit less rewarding while still being useful at any lower levels.

2) Chip damages.

This is supposed to be the change that affects the most the defensive playstyle meta. It doesn't for 2 reasons.
First: chip damages don't kill. That not ok. Chips damages need to kill the opponent. If it doesn't it changes nothing.
Second: every char need to be personally looked at to chose how much chip damage they deal with their attack. In the current state of the PTR, chars such as berserker and raiders are way more usefull to chip down an ennemy than pk or valk for instance. I think low hitting chars should see their chip damages augmented.

If those changes are applied then it will be perfect imo.

3) Guard break.

Probably the WORST change you ever made.

Like seriously do you play your game? Do you know what happens when someone feints an attack as soon as he's above the low-medium skill level? Well, that's simple: even if his opponents falls for the feint at first, he'll then simply feint his own parry; and everything is brought back to normal. Then, the only way to punish someone who falls for a feint is to gb at the start of his heavy. Now that we can't do that, the feint game becomes pretty much useless/irrelevant in most cases; especially considering how much an heavy parry givess now.
I get that the change was initially made to make people unable to react to a very slow attack by a GB. But 100 ms?! For every attack what so ever ?! That's completely dumb.

Change to make imo: Simply look at the slowest attack and only change the gb vulnerability window of those attacks.

4) Stamina.

I think the stamina changes are great overall but I don't really see in what way they really punish playing defensively :/
The changes you made only make attackers not able to regenerate their stamina. Someone consistently defending never loose any.

Change to make imo: Make it so blocking cost a little bit of stamina.

5) Out of stamina changes.

All of the changes concerning OOS are very cool except one freaking obvious one: IMPOSSIBLE TO PARRY. Seriously ? making every unblockable a 50/50 is really something you tought about?

Change to make OBVIOUSLY: Make it so unblockable are still parryable.

6) Revenge.

Basically the same as for OOS changes... Every changes are good except IMPOSSIBLE TO FREAKING PARRY !

Change to make OBVIOUSLY: Make it so unblockable are still parryable.

7) Flicker.


8) Duel changes.

Great :D

08-01-2017, 05:37 AM
Yeah, not being able to guard break heavies has been a downer for me, as an assassin who gets GB'd while dodging all the time :/

08-01-2017, 07:43 AM
Yeah, not being able to guard break heavies has been a downer for me, as an assassin who gets GB'd while dodging all the time :/

What, did the heavy GB window get reduced?

08-01-2017, 07:46 AM
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