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07-31-2017, 11:52 PM
Just tried to join the program and I was super excited until I got to the platforms part. There are only 3 gaming platforms you can choose from. And the one I use: Nintendo Switch isn't on there. I thought the new nintendo console would be one of the gaming platforms for bge2... I've seen several videos confirming that... strange:/ :( :confused:

08-01-2017, 02:37 AM
Were any of these official videos, meaning from the dev or publisher?

Just a quick google search suggested that BGE2 coming to the Switch was rumor (which you should inherently take with a grain of salt). I would view the platforms available on the Space Monkey Program page as the ones the game will be released on until future news says otherwise. Sorry to say. :(

08-01-2017, 06:59 AM
Were any of these official videos, meaning from the dev or publisher?

Just a quick google search suggested that BGE2 coming to the Switch was rumor (which you should inherently take with a grain of salt). I would view the platforms available on the Space Monkey Program page as the ones the game will be released on until future news says otherwise. Sorry to say. :(

Besides I think there is a thread somewhere about that(And I will add to the information thread that there is no Switch version).
The game engine is not ported to the Switch. This engine operates at a whole new scale... it does not compare to anything else.
Only PS4 and Xbox One are the first consoles that come with enough power for that game(and we know the Switch doesn't hold up against those). Just imagine Zelda runs like just like that on 30FPS how would such a game work on a SolarSystem scale?

All people confirming that... those are just rumors.

08-01-2017, 09:22 AM

michelancel@seyedsadegh93 Hi , no Switch exclusive as far as I know.

michelancel@___1___4___5___6___ Hi , that registering thing is a little buggy as we did not mention any consoles yet . The Ubi Soft teams are going to fix this asap ;)
They didn't deny it will not be on the switch and didn't confirm it will be on this current gen console.
You know nothing jhon snow.

08-01-2017, 10:01 PM
and the fantastic bits have nothing at all to do with the engine (which, I'll go on a limb and say it, is always the case in great games).
both limb and a lung too, Jade engine, ubi art framework, and now voyager engine, the fantastic bits is knowing that because of an engine you get to have more content on your game because there is a very good oiled race car behind it.
-Cinematic- Were made easier to do because of the Jade engine.
-Overcrafting- Was so apprecied by the team and it was so well done by the time they decided to overuse it trough the game.
-Smooth auto aimed combat system - they received a price for this.
When ancel talk about creating games he always said that you should respect and learn the coding language because it's only because of that you can create interesting things, and that's why i think his game are good, he both want an amazing gameplay and univers, unlike some compagny who just do good story with already seen gameplay.

Mass effect andromeda should have been something close to what BGE2 promise us but because they forced them to work with the Frostbite 3 engine the game became a mess and come out as the **** show it is now.

So, really, don't envy anyone with a PS4 or Xbone just yet. These people may have to buy an entirely new console for this game just like you do!
If he like Nintendo console it's not an AAA game priced 70€ with a new system priced at least 400€ that will make it easier for him it would be better at least to come out on a current gen console who can be buy at 200€ with at least 5 games.

Also making the game exclusive to next gen console ? Knowing ubisoft they prefer to do a big graphic downgrade than to miss the heavy consumer base who are already on this generation.
Exemple: watch dogs, just look at the e3 trailer of this game, looks like he could come out on PS5 and still not look as close as the trailer.

"Everything we know" thread is basically wishful thinking and made up nonsense presented as "plain and simple hard fact" {{Citation desperately needed}}
Ok so you prefer people to go in every direction imagining the worst case scenario, or some kind of wishful thinking and made up nonsense with citation from different website and also from michel ancel himself.
If you don't believe what even the creator is saying what are you doing here ? they will just keep lying to you even with the space monkey program...

08-02-2017, 04:35 PM
Hmm I have to say BGE2 was planned for 360 and PS3 but obviously the consoles were not ready for that.
(I bet WiLD (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_(video_game)) for PS4 was just a game to test stuff like TonicTrouble (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tonic_Trouble) for Rayman 2)
That said the Switch seems around those at max soooo it is logical that we won't see a Switch version... try to run a game on as much Cudacores as the Switch has or double the cores@1Ghz^^ Plus a 3,5Gb usable memory... You won't even able to load the textures and therefore most likely never get in the game unless they kill what makes the game awesome... which is obviously a high draw distance with quite a detail.
They already overused cell-shading for Zelda and earn a solid 30FPS out of it... I mean the game is already edge case for this console and the chip is nothing new like Cell was in PS3 times. Besides Nintendo is Master in hiding the technical limitations of their devices^^
It is no AMD chip therefore I can argue FineWine does not apply^^ Translation for anyone: Which basicly means this chip already works very likely at max capacity.

And if we compare that to a PS4 and Xbone now... it even looks worse. Despite all that Ancel has Rayman for the Switch going. The Switch is a own thing rather than the usual console and therefore it has more mobile based games.

Since they said PS4 and Xbone will have the game(over the test program) it is most likely the baseline and the Switch operates way below that.

I would say a lot depends on this gameengine. Obviously the engine is geared towards options no other engine seems to provide. It would have been crazy to make one in the first place(unless you come from Japan).
If it were for that we could have used Unreal4, Unity or even Source(2)^^ for some examples.
The engine is most likely just for asset loading(Due to the distances). Possibly they use a new graphicsAPI and by chance for that the engine is made for multiple threads.
You know you would need to plan for that in the engine unless you want to stay on a DX11 quality level due to still supporting old APIs(Yes that is a thing).Or you target the highest possible performance.
And it would make even more sense if it is Vulkan they pushed with this engine. I still wait for that Q&A^^
I think the simulation of a SolarSystem is also a part of it much like Hello Games tried to make it...
Not to forget we do not know if that game will feature a new physic system and since it will very unlikely be good on WatchDogs(Disrupt) engine the network code is certainly a thing they needed to add.
But anyway a keypoint is very likely memory related and how they want to allocate it. I mean Ancel and Team sure know engines well and you could ask them in #askbeyond... I did now.