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07-31-2017, 03:31 PM
kensei is slow but has some great dodge moves and quick attacks. but he is very useless against any player that knows how to block. he is the most underpowered character in the game. even his unblockable perk when it is unlocked at level 4 during a match can be blocked. his unblockable upper as well can be blocked. whats the point in calling a move unblockable if it can be blocked? so without those moves and all of these joy stick rollers who sit in guard mode and swing the right stick around in several directions ( because their response times suck ) to block in the correct direction always ends up in a parry which means the kensei has no guard break what so ever other than a grapple which has a 5% chance of even being successful. kensei is very fun to play with but frustrating because of the lack of ability that character has. At least give this character a guard break or fix the unblockables and make them unblockable

07-31-2017, 04:20 PM
Wait for season3.

We still don't have a full scope of what the new changes will bring -- for example to the Kensei -- if parries don't guarantee heavy punishes.

Currently, Kensei side attacks are a bit on the slow side, as well as side-dodge attacks, which is basically suicide to use above newbie level. This naturally limits the direction of attack for the Kensei since most Kensei players won't dare to use side attacks unless very unexpectedly and rarely. So by now, everyone has learned to just keep top guard stance up at all times. Any attack that comes out will only be from the top, so the timing is constant and it becomes very predictable and easy to parry.

So trying even a top light or front-dash light will be parried into a harsh punishment -- no Kensei wants that.

Then what's the Kensei got left? Only heavies and the feinting game. So the two combatants move around slowly, stare each other at long intervals, and do the heavy-feint heavy-feint heavy-feint GB game... the only "game" the Kensei can match other classes equally. Get a GB in, and then do the UB-feint game.

There you have it. Why Kenseis currently fight the way they do.

However, what if you were more free to use attacks with much lower risks? What if every attack wasn't from the top, and there were different options than just heavy-feint-GB? What if you could attempt dodge attacks more freely? What if side attacks being parried wasn't so scary any more? What if the total number of attacks you can throw is greatly increased, thus making attack timing and direction less predictable? What if forcing the opponent to block stuff actually yields some results?

All of this is currently a good possibility with the new incoming meta-fix. You don't have to repeat heavy-feint-GBs any more (it doesn't work now, anway). You could just try stuff like heavy-feint-lights to other directions. Maybe it gets blocked, but at least the feint was good enough to force a block -- and it will deal chip damage. Be more aggressive, force more blocks and your added aggressiveness and pressure could keep forcing attrition to the opponent to open up and attack, which then becomes the Kensei's "turn" to try some counters.

Would the Kensei still need a huge change and buff then? Or would only light adjusments suffice? We'll have to see what season3 brings to determine that.

07-31-2017, 04:24 PM
I hear ya. I'm a big lover of the Kensei as well as, it's the reason why I play the game. However, with every patch/update, the kensei is getting nerfed to the abyss. His side step which set him apart from everyone is no longer usable against veteran players. The Kensei has no 'combos' when comparing him to other characters. When trying to side step a grab he gets caught every time. When fighting against a Centurion he lose's all of his stamina just side stepping but the Centurion only lost 10% after doing 10 combos. At this point you can only use the Kensie in Dominion matches and not in 1v1 set ups. The side-step is not thee only main issue with Kensie, it's his Stamina. Why even give the Kensie stamina if it's just going to be depleted in 2 side steps and 1 swing.

07-31-2017, 04:28 PM
You have a point. I would be fine with just an increase in stamina. Give the kensie back his side step. Because he has no true 'combo's', he get's punished for using anything that invokes stamina.

08-01-2017, 10:29 AM
Kensei rep 9 here.

In my opinion, he is good for fighting low and middle level player. I use 4 heroes, including him, PK, Nobs, and Warlord. So far my best progression is with Kensei, around 60% for all modes.

On higher level of play he is not good. Lack of opener is his problem, also several time I meet with players that can parry all of his light attack... those guys are crazy. They even use PK and Orochi to parry my light, while me myself have trouble fighting Kensei using PK -_____-