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07-30-2017, 12:13 AM
It's no secret that these game modes are the most boring aspects of the game... Elimination is just skirmish lite and skirmish is just a big gank fest. Hence why no one playes them. So as we wait for the new game mode that should be out sometime next millennia, how bout some simple changes to these boreing gamemodes? For instence:

Elimination: You are locked into an area to fight your opponent. Some areas are big, others are small. Neither of you can leave until one of you are dead. Once you kill your opponent, you unlock an area where one of your teammates are fighting in. So you slowly make your way around the map picking up teammates as you go. If your teammate lost you have to fight the opponent that killed him to move on. This has like a momentum vibe to it and is very different from any other game modes.


Elimination: you all start next to each other in a small area. 4v4 grudge match. No powerups, and no revenge. The side with the most teamwork wins.

Skirmish: Both teams start out with a group of peons. The goal is to move your peons up to gain momentum . You will be able to move your peons all the way to the center of the map at first but then you have to kill your enemies peons to move your own up. The winner is the team that moves their peons all the way to the enemies spawn point on the other side of the map. At that point the enemies go into breaking and they have one chance to fight it out with a group of peons and buffs that either team can pick up. The captains can rally peons and make them fight better or take more hits so it is important to keep them alive. They are tough to kill so you can't just run up and spam them to death. Vikings fire bomb is bigger and more deadly to be on par with catapults and samurai's archers are more accurate and follow you faster. These are crucial to winning and they can turn the tide of war if used correctly. Dieing is a big deal in this game mode so you have to be smart with your engagements.

I don't know how easy or hard it would be to implement some changes like this but anything is better than these bland, boreing game modes. Very few people would miss them... Especially skirmish... Making them objective based would be infinitely better than a big spamfest...

07-30-2017, 02:22 AM
Not sure what you mean by "...no one plays them". I never have trouble getting into to either. Perhaps it's because you're PC? also, these ideas have been mentioned before in previous topics, how to improve the game modes to spice them up a bit. Ubisoft is currently hard at work trying to fix the game while at the same time push out new content for the players, like the new DLC characters that come with season three, the new maps, events, armors and of course the almighty return of the dedicated server. The likely hood that they'll change the game mode anytime soon is pretty low as it's not their top priority. If you don't want a gank fest, try duel. Otherwise, there's not much more you can do, friend.