View Full Version : About last dev stream

07-29-2017, 10:11 AM
While I stopped playing because of a real "too much of it", I kept an eye on FH dev 😉.

You finally annouced dedicated server and it's a (very) good thing.

Even I had always full trust in dev work, I'm still very concern about how Ubisoft games are produced and why so obvious solution take so long to be implented.

After having played R6,division and now FH... it's always the same patern... we have to wait at least 9 month for things that should have been there from the start when games are released.

I won't launch myself in advice about how your product should be developped but much more on impact such choices have on general reputation Ubi games.

Do you really think that releasing unstable product like these and make them wait so long will reinforce you customer base and general reputation?

It's definitly something intern and in your busines plan design you should speak about...

Keep the hard work and thanks for it