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07-27-2017, 08:10 PM
Agents, incoming State of the Game transmission:

Last week on State of the Game (https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/news/152-296616-16/state-of-the-game-july-20th-2017), Community Developer Yannick Banchereau was joined by Lead Designer Keith Evans from Red Storm Entertainment. Topics of discussion included the PTS3 release on console, Global Event drop changes, as well as an increase in the cap for Global Event tokens.

This week, Yannick was joined by Massive Game Designer Matthew Higby discuss the mechanics of encrypted caches and fragment keys drop rates.

If you weren't able to catch the stream on Twitch, make sure to check out the VoD (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/162366826).


While there has been some controversy over the encrypted caches, we wanted to explain their function and how they operate. We wanted more premium items to be accessible to players. While players have the option of simply purchasing caches, the path of unlocking these items simply by playing the game is encouraged. We are expecting most players to open Encrypted Caches using their in-game playtime, while the payment option exists as an alternative option. While we also offer items through the Premium Vendor, Encrypted Caches allow experimentation with different applications for business models.

There is no flat chance to earn a specific item, but rather a more complex system in which odd mechanisms are skewed to allow players to unlock rarer items. Each time players unlock a rare item, for example, the chance of getting a collectible item is boosted. Currently there are 22 Collectible Items in each version of Encrypted Caches, and the chance of earning uncollected items are increased to ensure players have a better shot at finishing their collections. There are 5 total collections, but when finishing a collection an additional item is unlocked to complete a final 6th collection.

There are four different rarity tiers for items within the caches themselves, and they are native to the current gear/weapon tiers. Within the loot pool, there is a 60% chance to earn common items, 30% chance for uncommons, 7% chance for rare items, and finally a 3% chance for high ends. In terms of trading, the idea of a player-driven economy is interesting. We are not closing the door, but trading could lead to players putting monetary value on cosmetics and selling them out of game. As a result, these vanity items cannot be traded.

Acquiring duplicates allows this mystery box system to guide players through their overall collection progress. Opening caches with a level of chance involved offers an experience that the Premium Vendor simply does not. With that being said, we are testing the possibility of removing duplicates in the future based on player feedback.

While we haven’t shared actual drop rates for these caches, we want players to remember that our goal is not to adjust rates to take advantage of community desire for popular cosmetics. We are, however, open to adjusting fragment key drop rates to ensure that keys are being earned/used at an appropriate rate. The fragment key drop rate from named NPC’s has already changed from 3% to 20%, and so players can expect active oversight for keys on new activities. Overall, we are expecting 5-10 hours of gameplay in order to finish a complete key to open an Encrypted Cache.


PTS3 is scheduled to end on Monday, 31/7. As a result, there will not be a PTS4 before Update 1.7 goes live. We are aiming for a mid-August release date for 1.7, but no confirmation just yet. In addition, Classified drop rates are still being tweaked and general bug fixes are scheduled to iron out any last minute issues.

As always, be sure to join us over on the Official Forums (http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/498-The-Division?) or on the community Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/) if you’re looking for a place to discuss all things related to The Division.

Until next time,

The Division Dev Team

07-28-2017, 12:52 PM
Have to say I was disappointed with SOTG yesterday especially the "reasons" given for the approach your adopting, while I get it that your a business and as a business you need to make money, its appalling the way you are double monetizing this particular feature having one premium currency for these items in the premium vendor and then having yet another premium currency for those same items in the encrypted cache via these "key fragments".

Quite frankly that you are yet another company abusing the spirit of micro transactions (which were intended to allow developers of F2P games to recoup the development cost) in a AAA paid game is bad enough but now your "double dipping" in such a manner is frankly insulting and disgraceful to say the least and I'm sorry but your "its only cosmetic items" and "its not gambling" arguments doesn't hold water here when your applying RNG to something that your potentially asking people to pay money for. Of you wish to continue to use RNG then drop the monetization or vice versa.

That and the way you presented your arguments appeared arrogant and dismissive to the concerns of the playerbase, the concern was about you adding yet again another form of monetization and to all intents gambling and yet you spent the entirety of the SOTG talking about drop chances which while it is a concern among the playerbase it's not the major concern on this issue, neither is it the biggest concern overall which is a combination of continued lag number of long known bugs still not fixed, heavy PvP bias at the expense of the PvE community and features that are poorly implemented and rushed the latter of which points to very poor quality assurance testing on this last issue the most glaring one being the "recalibration bug" that got into PTS Week 2.

I'm sure enough people will purchase your premium credits that you think your doing the right thing however in my case I won't be giving you a single dime because quite frankly your behavior thus far does not merit being rewarded financially even more so since I found the DLC extremely disappointing and in hindsight would not have bought the "gold edition".

07-28-2017, 05:19 PM
Hi Johan, I hope you are well!

In reference to your recent statement "The fragment key drop rate from named NPC’s has already changed from 3% to 20%, and so players can expect active oversight for keys on new activities. Overall, we are expecting 5-10 hours of gameplay in order to finish a complete key to open an Encrypted Cache." I must be doing something wrong?

I (Tuesday to Thursday this week) played about 20 hours and only gained 5 fragments? I must have played the GE's about 30-40 times plus did the Named NPC's in the LZ about 20 times and received as mentioned 5-6 fragments. BUT if I have a couple of Ł I can go and buy keys... Frustrating to think that.

Maybe look at different drop rates for decent stuff depending on how you got your key?? Of indeed completely different boxes?

Really excited for the actual release though as with more players the higher the chance to get onto a decent random team and just go through Lex 30 times in a day :-)

Keep up the GREAT work!

02-07-2018, 08:40 PM
Anyone have a working link to the video in this? I'm getting sad that not enough videos with Matt Higby are out there lol.