View Full Version : Way to ubisoft the sht out of season 2...

07-27-2017, 05:11 AM
Yeah I know there is a dumpster fire full of post already about this... idc... Samurai, you guys got played... played like a banjo on a Mississippi saturday night... I mean, just like ubisoft to cake up season 1s rewards to keep people interested just to spew out some septic sludge for season 2. And this is coming from a Viking! You guys should have got the caliber of rewards that we did. There is no reason you didn't. If making ornaments for each character was too much, then why would you do it in one round and expect no one to remember when you crap out the next one?? You know all the devs were cringing when the "rewards" got handed out knowing the **** storm they were about to release. I say we keep this obvious laziness current on this forum until they correct it. And boy, am I interested to see their excuse for this one...

07-27-2017, 09:57 AM
100% agree with you. How on earth did Ubisoft think it's ok to give 1 unique ornament, when in Season 1 Vikings got 12 unique ornaments (one for each hero). Really interested to hear what vomit they will be spewing out to justify this robbery. Because yeah, Samurais got robbed!