View Full Version : Warlord struggles. Anyone else?

07-25-2017, 08:05 PM
When I first started playing he was my main and I eventually got so good with him it was boring. So ever since about half way through season one my raider has been my main. Lately I've played more WL because his new people's elbow execution is the tits. But holy crap have I gotten worse with him. Raider and zerker i an very good, still decent with WL but it is a huge difference from before. Have the new changes and nerfs made him more difficult to play or is it just me?

07-27-2017, 10:51 PM
The WL has been nerfed on several occasions since release. That may be the reason you do not find him as good any longer.

07-28-2017, 08:06 PM
The WL has been nerfed on several occasions since release. That may be the reason you do not find him as good any longer.

It's funny after this post I've basically been wrecking with him... But now I suck with the raider. What can you do

08-02-2017, 03:57 AM
It's funny after this post I've basically been wrecking with him... But now I suck with the raider. What can you do

I have the same problem I recently started to pick up the warlord simply because there's no new armor I've played beserker to the very end and like you said before it's boring there's no new armor the only challenge is there are or lawbringer and Centurion and that's not really a challenge that's more like f****** Superman versing a flea.

Don't get me wrong he's fun to play and if people don't use Centurion it's again a fair atmosphere to play in. I lose two really good players and I wreck the s*** out of people that aren't as adequate. Those on my level are the ones I enjoy the most though because that usually is more entertaining.

But the lack of gear the fact of constantly deleting gear I've even gone through a phase of recycling what was my Mains gear and I've done that to the point I'm just f****** sick of it so I'm picking up a new character to get that whole new excitement of building your character and actually playing the game. Once you get past a certain reputation it's like the game just becomes this big open vast expanse void where there is just nothing left but fighting. Don't get me wrong the fighting has carried me a good ways almost to rip 24 but now I'm in need of something a little more.

To get back on topic having knowledge of the last time I picked up or Lord just for a few rounds and during that time which was just half a day I got incredibly horrible with the zerker.

But see that's why I love with this game the timing is what f**** everything up to where you're not really able to just bounce between characters effectively and play them true to form. I remember the developer saying you're not meant to play every character in the game.

I truly believe that so and judging by what you're saying it looks more like a fact. However with warlord I do find myself dodging attacks a lot it kind of comes in handy though because typically Warlords don't do that. ..

To remedy this though I basically bounce between the two now..

But it's becoming still kind of hard already I'm beginning to suck at my once at will deflects. Hell I wouldn't even think about it it was like I was actually in the game and I do all sorts a f****** moves and it was almost subconscious playing him. Ideally I think that's where they want people to be but the problem is is there just isn't enough content to keep somebody's interest.

San from here on out if I do switch back to preserve Cur I will end up doing a hefty hour long practice session in the arena before I do anything else with them likewise with the warlord as well. Then work my way towards a I bought battles and then after that I'll go into actually multiplayer.

But it's rather intriguing that a game has been made to where you actually have to use these tips to play it you actually have to practice daily to f****** play it.

They have the right formula in the game to make this a long-standing title that alone is Major replay value. But they really need to start investing in I guess More Graphics designers in their team or something. Whatever the reason is for the lack of new content. And by no means am I saying it's easy cuz if you haven't looked at this game it's f****** beautiful. So much so that it's literally the only thing I play because it's so aesthetically sound and immersive.

Within each season there should be weekly content pertaining to the overall theme of the season. Once a month I think we should get a new map and a temporary new mode.. As well as the option to buy exclusive new armor. Exclusive that means if you don't buy it within the week timeframe it goes away until maybe next year that time.

Or hell even have traditional modes that they will keep recycling year after year. But like I said not enough content.

I know a lot of people are going to hate me for saying this but truth be told I think you should only be able to play your faction.

Just saying. It's like that people want to reap the rewards of all the best characters out of every f****** faction. And again that in itself is being abused.

10-25-2017, 06:45 AM
I'm a WL main too, he's been nerfed so many times that all you can really do anymore is hope to ledge someone.

12-20-2017, 10:37 AM
LOL, Warlord is my only character.
He is close to worthless.

Too slow to run away, doesn't hit as hard as others, doesn't take as much damage, too slow to counter chain stuns...

UBISOFT hates this character, they hate most big characters they want us all to play little effeminate looking guys....