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07-25-2017, 02:56 PM
I am looking forward to the new gear that hopefully will drop in season 3 I hope they don't f*** it up for Berserker like they've done so far with all his Elite outfits and legendary outfits with the exception of the forge all being I don't know what they're thinking but using Tiki and other cultures if not fantasy which is the most recent one for the newest legendary outfit.

Does anyone else have their own hopes or wishes for the game?
Am I the only one that gets extremely frustrated when I'm being a rep 20 character and I end up looking just like a rep zero Berserker who is your opponent? Let alone every ones character I think should reflect them. The fact that they don't seems very limiting and kills immersion.

Not to Vear far off course because the point of this post is I'm just kind of curious what everybody else wishes are.
wanted to see if they mind their character running into somebody that is a doppelganger or do they not care?

Here is an idea I had that could be done easily without much change but it would add more immersion and honestly Scavenging armor would really have a f****** meaning in this sense.

Here it is
They could resolve this just by simply giving some customization on the characters by having beard, hair color, hair style (Berserkers dreads being able to be switched to valks hair or another type of hair style) , tunic color for the Vikings not being attached and set to a certain armor , helm or an example in benetrams case stuck in green color on tunic. Instead it should change via color scheme wheel. As well an auto match color scheme match. Meaning if I use velyris arms on a procyon chest the colors sync up via color scheme wheel.

As well base clothing such as velyris tunic should you use velyris arms with Mizar chest. The velyris tunic should pop up underneath it. Or the sleeves on the armor disappear and you have the option to purchase or earn it.

Another fix being able to add extra pieces to the armor that are added like in the instance of the sherger, benetram, velyris armor.

I think they should have various base armors and then has you upgrade or if we get new armor hypothetically it is a complete new base design. And the extra pieces that are usually on them such as the square pieces of metal versus the circular rivets I guess that's on the valorous those should be added via customization and they should have a variety of these types of things from spikes to studs extra armor plating. They can be added to any armor in that class but they wouldn't come with it.

The idea being base could armor could be the same. With add one however they look completely different. Versus what we have now which is color schemes, patterns, designs, and skins.

As well different aventails. Right now berserker has cloth aventails. It would be nice to have a chain mail as well in the case of beserker being able to add a full helm