View Full Version : Can't update the game!!

07-24-2017, 07:50 AM

On the day when the Update released every thing was working normal. It Updated and I saw all the changes.

But when I restarted the game a day later, it got Stuck on the "Downloading Assets" screen (I waited for 15 min).
I closed the game and tried it again.
After cuple of tries the game loaded and was playable (except for the PvP), But without any of the changes from the update...

So I think some data from the update got corrupted and now it won't let me downloade/install the Update propably.

For the record: A day after this Proplem occurred, I left Denmark for my Vacation in Germany.

Is it possible, to remove the game and reinstall it with the newest Update, without losing my progress?

I really appreciate any Help to resolve my Problem.