View Full Version : Lock Toggle Flaw

07-24-2017, 02:41 AM
So, in the options menu, I keep my lock toggle option where you just tap the button to enter and exit lock mode, rather than hold it.
I prefer this for multiple reasons.

One annoying problem with it, more than annoying really.

There is a really bad delay when exiting lock mode this way.

In the default mode where you hold the lock button, once you let go, you instantly disarm out of lock mode.
Can evade, chase, turnaround in time to see what enemy you want to lock onto next, exc....

With the other option I prefer, when you hit the button to exit lock mode, there is this horrible 1 plus second delay.
Which can be the difference between life and death a plenty.

I put up with it because I love just tapping the button to enter lock mode, focusing on my fighting, having another button to tap to switch what enemy I am locked to.
All that is fantastic.

But it is frustrating in other situations when I'm trying to exit lock after killing someone so I can turn around and see where the enemies behind me are, or trying to exit lock to evade or chase enemies.

Don't know if anyone else has brought this up on here before, or how many people change the lock toggle setting, but I would love for this to be addressed one day hopefully not too far off.

I strongly prefer the lock toggle, rather than hold, but this needs to be addressed.