View Full Version : FH = Noobtubers

07-23-2017, 02:40 AM
Is anyone else here old enough to remember the first medal of honor and the "noobtubers" where kids would come on, pick the rocket launcher, and just run around and shoot at peoples feet for insta kills requiring virtually no skill? A recent duel I played was against a raider. In open fields using his moveset, he was awful and I won with near perfect twice. But in other areas he would just spam his GB and then once he landed one run 20 yards and throw me off a cliff for an insta-win. It suddenly reminded me of noobtubers, and I sort of realized why I got butthurt before... If you think of this game as competitive and expect it to be balanced, you're going to get burned. It's a game with a dozen noobtubes, and the goal is to pick one and cheese the **** out of everyone else. It isn't about skill, it's about maximum exploitation. When you switch to that mentality, you can't really get mad about centurion's stun chain or ledging or anything else, because that's the only feasible way to play. Pick up the noobtube, shoot haphazardly in someone's general direction, and hope you happen to land the insta-kill.