View Full Version : Info on how matchmatching works.

07-22-2017, 10:40 PM
How the skill is balanced across teams? Because after a lot of matches i think you did the LoL matchmatching formulla.... (each player has a elo so its 4 player elo vs another 4 player elo, really bad matchmatching system since you can get one good player and 3 bad players, so you have a big chance to lose since revenge its not that strong as before)
for some reason i can beat any of the opposing team members and my teammates cant, the game is decided by if my teammates died or they killed their respective enemy (i just die if i get 1vs3)

Sooo im really curious, each player has a elo and it sums it up for a 4vs4 match? Or its another system? Because it gets pretty boring that the match result is decided if my team can hold one of the enemy team players in 1vs1 or not. (since i cant beat 1vs3 if i dont have revenge or feats)