View Full Version : [Bug Report] Unable to Fire Guns or Reload After Failed to Kill An Enemy

07-22-2017, 05:59 PM
I was playing a TDM with my friends on EAS server, and the map was "Plane". Most of the game was fine until the very last round.

I shot all rounds of my SMG at an entering enemy and somehow all 30 shots did not kill him when he just stepped on Frost's welcome mats (all the shots were hit since I was just 10 ft away from him). So I thought it was network error and I started to reload my weapon, but then I realized that my SMG cannot be fired or reloaded (I could trigger reload animation by pressing "R", but the rounds in the magazine remained 0 after the end of animation no matter how many times I try)

So I switched to my sidearm for incoming enemy, and the pistol worked fine, for the first 14 shots, but then it could not fire or reload no matter how many time I clicked.

I was totally puzzled since I have never ever encounter something like this before. My first thought was network connection error, because that's probably the most plausible explanation for all Ubisoft game issues:D..... but later I was convinced it was not the internet, since I did not lag out, the enemy did not lag out, and I remained in the session without getting kicked. I'm also convinced it was not hardware's problem, because I clicked not only the mouse button, but also the M1 button on my touchpad.

Many of my friends observing me playing saw this too, and none of us had a clue about what was going on, so I think it might be a good idea to inform you guys on this one. Although I'm totally fine with bugs such as twerking models, sudden displacement of objects, etc, not this one, cuz I CAN'T SHOOT!! How am I gonna playing a FPS game without the ability to shoot at the enemy :mad:

07-23-2017, 12:21 AM
Hello LonelyMustard,

Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention! To report this incident and receive further assistance with it, please contact our team at support.ubi.com by clicking on "Contact Customer Support" at the bottom of the page. Our technical support team will be able to help you out from there.